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Check out this coupon for 1 MILLION Tokens. Now before you ask, we are not going to tell you the code! However, we will give these out occasionally as prizes. Let us know if you’re a fan of more coupons!                            222

88 thoughts on “Token Coupons

  1. Question here. What good are the rewards points and tokens to people who do not play for cash. Just curious. Thank you!

    • Hi Marti, good question! There is a difference between Oodles, Tokens, and Rewards Points and people decide which interests them.

      Tokens function as game chips, to be used in the GSN Casino Games. They can be won and lost, but can’t be redeemed for merchandise or cash.

      Oodles are our redeemable rewards, which players earn by playing games and completing promotions. They can be exchanged for prizes in the Oodles Prize Center.

      Rewards Points are awarded to players participating in Cash Games and can be redeemed in the Rewards Store. If you have more questions about them, please log in to Cash Games and then click on Help. They have a very comprehensive FAQ, and for anything not answered there you can contact Player Services.

      Our goal has always been to offer something for everyone. Players itching for the thrill of cash competition can pay entry fees and compete for real-money prizes. GSNers looking for a quick break can play our free, ad-supported games. Tokens games are an option for anyone who wants to try the GSN Casino.

      We give free Tokens every single day when you log in, and we have many Oodletunities as well.

  2. I am not getting all the tokens that I win, when I play wheel of fortune game.
    It happens when I spin the wheel, for instance once it landed on one thousand and I only got one thousand tokens instead of ten times what i’ts suppose to be.

  3. Just curious: Have they ever considered allowing the reward points to be redeemed for gift cards BUT maybe at a high reward point amount than the regular amount now?

    • Hi dsgrng, I don’t know. You can log in to Cash Games and then click on Help. They have a very comprehensive FAQ, and for anything not answered there you can contact Player Services and ask.

  4. Just wondering if we could use tokens to purchase more patterns or extra drop balls in video deluxe bingo? It s a very fun game but I dont like the “little” charges on my credit card. Some people do buy extra tokens besides the free spin ones daily?

    • Hi Charlene, I’ve passed your thoughts on to the Casino Team. You can also talk to them through Player Services. In answer to your other question, yes, people do buy Tokens. It’s a very popular program! If you’re looking to purchase extra you can get them here. Occasionally there are specials to watch for which are generally listed under My GSN.

    • Charlene….Great minds think alike. I do not want little charges all over my credit card. Thought tokens instead would be the better idea.

      • I agree with charlene and Gail. I love the new video deluxe bingo and the extras, but not the extra charges, using Tokens would be so much better. In fact I lost mega Tokens playing it because my credit card denied the last charge as being :fraud: charge and I had to call them. So this is something everyone should be aware of. Your credit card is looking out for you, but it may cost you money and Tokens.

      • I agree with Charlene, Gail and Nan, my credit card has frozen my card on 4 occasions so far. and I lost many tokens also. I love the new bingo game but all the cash charges are uncalled for. Why can’t we pay with tokens or oddles instead of cash? I won’t play any more because every time I play, my credit card is frozen I have to go to the main office to sign a release form. My card company is doing me a favor by keeping close track of my charges and closing card if they feel like there is the possiblity of fraud..Is there some way you could change how we pay for extra balls for this game I know I would start playing again,

  5. I would like to see it as a sweepstakes coupon, but not a auction coupon. I cannot compete with people who have enough oodles to win the bids in the auctions. I would love to have some of the auction items, but the bids are really high. It seems a sweepstakes would level the playing field a little. Or some kind of promotion possibly..

    • Hi Diana, each day you log in you get a spin on our Token Reel, where you can win anywhere from 500 to thousands of Tokens. Log in multiple days in a row and you’ll get more spins! Be sure to check your Tokens Transactions. You’re credited for your first login of the day, even if you don’t see the spinner. You can check your transactions by going to My GSN and then clicking on My Tokens at the top of the page, then click the small print “review full transaction history” where you can adjust the dates for searching.

  6. I am not happy with the coupons. It would be different if they were for stores that we have in our area. Or, at least for items that I might be interested in buying. I do not shop over the internet, so the coupons are worthless to me. I would rather be able to buy real prizes with my oodles.

  7. Love coupons bring them on. I LOVE all the oportunities to earn tokens and oddles. The variety of games, sweepstakes, prizes, quick and easy challenges to get more tokens and oddles are fantastic! Keep up the good work.

  8. I wish that there was more stuff buy now like there is on the things that you have to bid on because I don’t like to bid on thing because I never win anything that is why I like the by now thing

  9. Tokens please send them my way I keep running out also why do we have to pay for extra spins on the wheel of fortune it was not like that before it can get expensive if all your games are going to pay for extra ball or extra spins I am retired and cant afford to keep using a credit card to play isn’t it enough that we purchase tokens to play and then have to pay extra

    • Would love more tokens and token opportunities. I have played the scratch off for tokens a ton and have never won the tokens. Did anyone ever win that? More tokens……more ways…

  10. Where do you get coupons for tokens,I’ve never seen any,also I heard that there was a token wheel you can spin for tokens,where all I’ve seen was a wonder wheel for oodles,I’m new & don’t know much about it all,I’m still learning about things.thank you

    • Hi Caprice, welcome to GSN! This was a coupon special held last summer. If you haven’t already, be sure to check this page out. There is no wheel to spin to get Tokens. You do get Tokens for logging on to your user name every day. You can read about how it works here.

  11. Yes! For promo codes for coins!! Especially for player like myself who are willing to put money in to pay!! Ive not recieved no codes via e-mail and have checked the spam & misc.
    Thanks for asking our opinion,

    • Hi nos, we occasionally offer promo codes, and when we do, you redeem it on My GSN. You can read about how promo codes work here. Please note the promo code in the article I’ve directed you to is expired. As far as I know, there are no currently active ones, but when there are you can usually find them posted to this page.

  12. GSN is my favorite place to play. I would love to have some tokens, just tell me how to get them. I love GSN even when I don’t win. I only wish I had more tokens so I could play longer. If you want to give some tokens away I’m your friend. Remember a friend in need is a friend indeed. I will spread the word to everyone I know to play at GSN. Well, to be honest I have already done that, because I love the games so much. Thanks

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