13 thoughts on “GSN ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot Over $8,000!

  1. Hope the past winners are enjoying their money and I have not given up on trying for a jackpot. $10k would come in hand right now. it would buy my new couch and coffee and end tables, as well as lamps. Time to get lucky here at jigsawdonna!

    • The winner of the ChaChingo Bingo jackpot is;
      You can send a way to go – congratulations or whatever by looking at the lower right hand side where it says
      Group Loot
      it gives the name of all the winners,
      If you click on the name it will bring up a separate page to
      extend a congratulations to that person.
      ……just a FYI …. I had to try twice – kept kicking me off – third time it went through…..but with that kinda jackpot Wooo whooo more than I Way to Go well in order………………

      • I should say when you have the ChaChingo Bingo numbers up, on that page/site whatever is where you will find the Group Loot to the right.
        Hope this was helpful……………..

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