$25 Daily Gift Card Winner – nolaboynt

amazon-25Congratulations to nolaboynt, winner of a $25 Amazon.com Gift Code! She told us:

I would love to tell you how much the 25.00 gift certificate will help buy my “hugh” family birthday gifts, especially since I use Amazon a lot and really enjoy playing the GSN games. Thank You.

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$25 Daily Gift Card winner – davidyzy3786.myp

Congratulations to davidyzy3786.myp on his $25 Walmart gift card! Here’s what he had to say:
That’s great! Thank you. I’m very excited. I only started playing on GSN this week and have been amazed at how quickly the rewards have added up. I enjoy the games and look forward for other chances to win. Money’s been tight lately and this card couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks GSN!
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Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – writergirl3

Congratulations writergirl3 on winning the $250 Daily Sweepstakes! She told us: 
Wow – thanks GSN!  I’m delighted to be the winner of the May 28, 2015, daily $250 cash sweepstakes!  I love playing games on your site.  In fact, GSN is the only site on which I play games.  There is a great variety of choices, and the Oodles opportunities and prizes are fantastic. Thanks again so much!! 
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$250 Daily Sweepstakes winner – journeyman76

dailyeCongratulations journeyman76 on winning the $250 Daily SweepstakesHe plans to do a very generous thing with his winnings. Please read what he told us::

I used to think as many others did that I would never win anything out here. This has proven me wrong in a fantastic way, and I hope it serves as inspiration for those who havent won yet. I will be using this money to give to another family who have fallen on hard times because of the economy, and have yet to recover. Even this bit I hope will offer them hope. Thank you so very much gsn and may everyone enjoy the beauty of this time of year

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Three Ways to Win in the Solitaire Rush Weekly Prize Spree

Stack For Cash or Rewards Points with Solitaire Rush!


3 ways to win this week with Solitaire Rush

  • 1st place:  $250
  • 1,000th place: $250
  • 1 sweepstakes winner: $500.

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3 Ways to Win in the Dynomite! Weekly Prize Spree

Slingshot to score your share of $1,000 or over 1,000,000 Oodles.


3 ways to win this week with Dynomite!:

  • 1st place:  $250
  • 1,000th place: $250
  • 1 sweepstakes winner: $500.

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April Shower Sweepstakes Winner – PattiRalph

april_fb_470x246PattiRalph got a great surprise when she learned she was one of the 10 lucky $500 gift card winners in the April Shower Sweepstakes. She said:

Thank you for the great news about me winning the April Gift Card Shower Sweepstakes. I’m absolutely amazed I won the April Gift Card Shower Sweepstakes. I enter the contests but have never won one. This is wonderful and everyone should keep entering your contests because you never know you might actually win like I did! Thank you again.

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$250 Daily Sweepstakes Winner – gwy64

dailyeCongratulations gwy64 on winning the $250 Daily Sweepstakes! We love he’s so happy! He told us:  

What? Are you KIDDING!  I never win anything! Thank you so much and I’m absolutely speechless! Again Thank You So Very Much to the Gang at GSN, you’re the BEST!  :)

Best Regards and God Bless You ALL!

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Brides Entertainment Auction Winner – ppiperd

brides_detail1Congratulations to ppiperd on winning a $50 Visa Gift card in the Brides Entertainment auction. We’d also like to congratulate her on her 60th wedding anniversary! Read what she had to say:

Thank you so very much for the $50 Bride’s Entertainment Auction winning Visa Gift Card.  We recently celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary, so this is a wonderful gift that we both will enjoy.

Playing GSN games, accumulating oodles and tokens, affords us the opportunity to use our winnings for a variety of prizes, including gift cards, as well as helping to keep our minds active and informed with the trivia questions, etc..   All the games are fun and helped us to get through the rough winter we had in Pennsylvania. Thank you, again.

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