Hourly 10,000 Rewards Points Auction!

Got Oodles and a GSN Games Cash Account? Then you can get Rewards Points! Enter the Monday Mania Rewards Points Auction and bid on a whopping 10,000 Rewards Points every hour. We’re giving out 240,000 Rewards Points before midnight ET – don’t miss out on your chance! Bid now

Note: Rewards Points will be awarded to your account within 5 business days after win.


Swell Caroline Auction Daily Auction

Swell Caroline is pleased to offer you a charming monogram necklace* by jewelry artisan, Moon & Lola. With 2 fonts, 2 chain colors, 4 sizes, and 32 acrylic colors to choose from, you can customize any necklace to exactly your personal style. Choose between the Acrylic Block Monogram Necklace or the Acrylic Lace Monogram Necklace. Click here to bid. Ends 8/19.

*Please note that winners will receive a code for the free necklace. To use, you must add the correct necklace to your shopping cart, then enter the code at checkout. 



$250 Daily Sweepstakes Winner – gamer913

250sweeps2Could you use $250? Enter now for a chance to win some cash! EVERY DAY on GSN, you have a shot at winning $250 plus other cash and prizes!  See what gamer913 said about her recent win: 

Thank you so much!  That’s awesome because both my husband and I are unemployed! The most fun part of unemployment is having so much time each day to watch the GSN games on TV and play the variety of games on the GSN website! I very much appreciate winning the daily $250 Sweepstakes!

American Buffalo Slots Oodlectibles

abs_400x400STAMPEDE! Collect all the American Buffalo Slots Oodlectibles and you’ll score 50,000 Tokens!

There are 5 Oodlectibles available, but be warned. Some are harder to get than others, and there’s no guarantee of getting all 5. The more of the set you collect, the more Tokens you’ll score. Look for them here, and check back often!  

Only purchase ONE of each of these Oodlectibles. Multiple purchases of the same Oodlectible will not increase winnings, and there are no refunds. Below are the 5 to watch for. Ends 8/11. Credit will occur by 8/14.

~Get 3 American Buffalo Slots Oodlectibles and win 10,000 Tokens.
~Get 4 American Buffalo Slots Oodlectibles and win 25,000 Tokens.
~Get all 5 American Buffalo Slots Oodlectibles and win 50,000 Tokens.




Eco Vessel Daily Auction Winner

orderCongratulations gshekailo on winning a pair of Aqua Vessel Ultra Lite Water Bottles from the Daily Auction. We grinned at his response to us: 

Me & my wife Pam love watching game shows. GSN is the perfect network for us. We both log in to GSN.com everyday to play & hopefully win.  She is usually always the lucky one but now I can show her I can win too at GSN.

Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – blueiz4Lakers

Pam (1)Congratulations blueiz4Lakers!  We love hearing from our players, and here’s the heartwarming story she told us:

Soon my daughter and I will be joining a team from BeyondTheWalls.org on a humanitarian mission to work in the Guatemala City Dump. 11,000 people reside, eat, sleep, and work in the DUMP. There is no form of government assistance for these treasured souls so we go in and build houses, take the kids to classes, play games, run a medical clinic, and try to improve things, one person, one family at a time. I will use my winnings to fill little goodie bags for the 100′s of children who swarm us with smiles as we enter the dump to trudge through the filth to our work site each day. The kids may not speak English, and my Spanish is pitiful, but we all speak the language of HUGS!

We have a feeling she’ll give terrific hugs! We wish her the best. What would you do with $250? Enter now for a chance to win some cash!


Pam DeLitta

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Even if you’re not headed down the aisle, Brides Entertainment still wants to make you a little bit richer. Bid daily for a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card – you can use it anywhere!  Hurry, auction ends midnight ET on 7/29. Bid here.

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