Introducing Tetris Burst and a Tetris Burst Oodlectible!

Fresh-squeezed Tetris Burst is ready for your first taste! Enjoy the Tetris you know and love, but with a flavorful twist. Now you can play the iconic puzzle game with these new power-ups:

  • Mino Shower: fills the Matrix with Minos and then instantly clears all completed lines.
  • Double Up: doubles the points you earn over a 10-second period.
  • Juice Wave: unleashes a wave of juice that clears the bottom 4 rows of the Matrix.

Play for free now!


Also, a new Tetris Burst Oodlectible is ready to burst into your collection box! You can find it here through 1/31.

Personal note – this is my new favorite game! Let us know what you think in comments below- GSN Angel

Thanksgiving Oodlectible and Token Promo Code

Happy Thanksgiving! Harvest this festive, new Oodlectible! Celebrate with family and friends when you add it to your Collections Box. Get it here through 11/29. 


As a Thanksgiving bonus, we also have a promo code for 20,000 Free Tokens. To redeem it, enter TURKEYDAY in the “enter promo” field on My GSN. Expires 11/29 at Midnight ET.