Groundhog Oodlectible Game

Think the groundhog (Punxsutawney Phil) will see his shadow? Win 15,000 Tokens with the correct choice!

A: Click here if you think the groundhog will see his shadow. 

B: Click here if you think the groundhog will NOT see his shadow. 

Do not pick both Oodlectibles if you want a chance to win Tokens, they cancel each other out. Also, don’t pick more than one, you will still only get one Tokens award.  This Oodlectible game ends on 2/1. Tokens will be awarded 2 business days after Groundhog Day, which is 2/2. 


Pick Winning Teams for up to 50,000 Tokens!

UPDATE: Tokens were credited 1/20/2015 at 1:55 pm ET. Congratulations to the winners!

Put your Oodles where your mouth is and back your favorite teams today! Predict the winners in upcoming football games and score 25,000 Tokens for each correct pick.

Conference 1:  Green Bay VS Seattle (ends on 1/18 at 3pm ET)
Click here to pick Green Bay
Click here to pick Seattle

Conference 2:  Indianapolis VS New England (ends on 1/18 at 6pm ET)
Click here to pick Indianapolis
Click here to pick New England


Tokens are awarded within two business days after the end of each event. Check back here for updates.

Don’t pick both Green Bay and Seattle if you want a chance to win Tokens. Don’t pick both Indianapolis and New England if you want a chance to win Tokens. Don’t get more than one of the same team, it will not earn any more Tokens.

Win 5,000 Tokens with the Trivia Champion Oodlectible Game!

UPDATE: The winning answer was “B” elephant! Accounts were credited on 1/14.

Answer the trivia question by picking the corresponding Trivia Champion Oodlectible. Win 5,000 Tokens with the correct choice!

In North Carolina, it is illegal to plow cotton fields with:

A: A husky. Click here to answer A.
B: An elephant. Click here to answer B.

Do NOT pick both A and B if you want to win Tokens! They cancel each other out. Also, more than one of the same letter will not earn extra Tokens, so don’t redeem the same Oodlectible multiple times. Ends 1/13. Tokens will be awarded on 1/15.



Christmas Gift Game Oodlectibles

Santa’s here! Pick your stockings for up to 5,000 Oodles & 25,000 Tokens.

3 of these stockings are from Santa, but one was filled by a grinch. Pick up to 3 for your Collections Box and see what you win! 

These Oodlectibles are part of the Christmas Gift Game. 3 of the 4 stockings are filled with Tokens and Oodles, but one will turn into a piece of coal on January 6th and cancel all rewards from this game. 

The more stockings you purchase with your Oodles, the greater your rewards will be. However: This also increases your chance of collecting coal. Picking the same stocking more than once will not increase your reward, so use your Oodles to collect different stockings. Good luck! 

~Pick 1 stocking: Score up to 1,000 Oodles and 5,000 Tokens.
~Pick 2 stockings: Score up to 2,000 Oodles and 10,000 Tokens.
~Pick 3 stockings: Score up to 5,000 Oodles and 25,000 Tokens.
~Do not pick all 4 stockings if you want a chance at winning Oodles and Tokens. 

See all the Christmas Gift Oodlectibles here. The game ends 12/31.

Tokens and Oodles will be awarded on January 6th.