Play the Royal Baby Oodlectible Game For a Chance at 5,000 Oodles. HURRY, Could End Soon!

The second royal baby is on the way! Do you think it will be a boy or a girl? Pick the  correct gender and score 5,000 Oodles. 


If you think the baby will be a boy, purchase the Oodlectible here.

If you think the baby will be a girl, purchase the Oodlectible here.

Do not pick both the boy and girl Oodlectible if you want a chance to win 5,000 Oodles. 

Guesses must be made before the baby is born – lock in yours now. Please note that collecting more than one of the same Oodlectible will not earn extra Oodles.

Earn 5,000 Tokens in the Trivia Oodlectible Game

UPDATE: The winning answer was “A” – $350! Account will be credited today (3/13)

Answer the trivia question by picking the corresponding Trivia Oodlectible. Win 5,000 Tokens with the correct choice!

Question: A law in New York City fines people for “unnecessary” honking. How much can it cost you?

trivia_a_badge A. Click HERE if you think the answer is  $350

trivia_b_badge B. Click HERE if you think the answer is $215 

Game ends 3/11. Tokens will be credited to your account by 3/13. Good luck!
Please note – Oodlectible games require the redemption of Oodles for the Oodlectible.