2014 Pink Ribbon Oodlectible

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so get in the game for a good cause. Since 2004, we’ve raised close to $1,100,000 for breast cancer charities thanks to our generous players dedicated to making a difference. You can help support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) by redeeming your Oodles for donations of $5 and $10 today. Get your Pink Ribbon Oodlectible here through 11/8. 


Happy Puppy Oodlectible Game – Grumpy Cat Revealed!

If you played the Happy Puppy Oodlectible Game, you may now have a grumpy cat in your Collections Box! If you were lucky, and didn’t purchase puppy #4 that turns into a grumpy cat, look to be rewarded by Sept 12. 

~ Adopt 2 puppies: Score up to 2,500 Oodles and 25,000 Tokens.
~ Adopt 3 puppies: Score up to 5,000 Oodles and 50,000 Tokens.


USA Soccer Oodlectible – Win Tokens!


Making it through the qualifying rounds was no easy task, and the U.S. needs all the support it can get. Prove you’re a fan with this USA Soccer Oodlectible by 7/13.


Pick up this Oodlectible to participate in today’s Soccer Cup Game. For every goal the U.S. scores, we’ll add 1,000 Tokens to your account. With every goal an opponent scores against the U.S., 250 Tokens will be deducted. 

Don’t worry – if the net Tokens comes out negative, we will not deduct Tokens from your account. You will simply not gain any Tokens.  Tokens will be awarded within 2 business days of each game.

Enjoy a fun fan made hype video on Players’ Corner.