777 Slots and a 500 Oodles Promo Code

classic777_emailThank you for your patience while we sorted the mystery of the new Oodles promo out!

Each week there is an Oodles promo that runs Monday through Thursday, and this week’s is Video Bingo Deluxe

Today, a 777 Slots promo for 125 Oodles a day also popped up on MY GSN, but it had the wrong dates.

To make up for that we have issued a 500 Oodles promo code, good through Sunday, 8/2. Redeem the promo code CLASSIC777 on MY GSN before then.

In the meantime, enjoy the unexpected bonus of an additional Oodles promo this week! The 777 Slots promo ends Thursday, 7/30. Happy gaming  :)