Daily Break Not Credited

DailybreakThe Daily Break Oodles were not credited this morning.  We’ve notified the Daily Break, and hope to get the reports from them soon. 

There’s no need to contact Player Services at this time. We’ll be sure to get everyone caught up as soon as we hear back from them! Since it’s the weekend, it may take until Monday. 

Please remember the rules do state: “Game Show Network will attempt to credit all accounts within 48 hours. However, crediting times may vary.” Thank you for your patiernce! 

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American Buffalo Slots Promo Code for Tracker Issues

absWe’re sorry for the promo tracker issues last night during the American Buffalo Slots promotion. The issue has been resolved, but you may not have been credited all your spins.

As an apology, please accept this 200 Oodles promo code BUFFREWARD. You can redeem BUFFREWARD one time on My GSN. Promo code expires Sunday 9/14 at Midnight ET.

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