$13,428 ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot Winner – davla

Congratulations davla  on your $13,428 GSN ChaChingo Bingo win on 1/21/17! Thank goodness you didn’t delete it! 

“Thank you for this most exciting email.  I am happy I didn’t delete it before I read it. Hoping you are having as good of a day as I am. Thanks again, Dave”

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Daily $100 Sweepstakes winner – shawncgr.myp

Congratulations shawncgr.myp on winning the $100 Daily Sweepstakes on 1/25/17. Oodling does pay! Here’s what Shawn said: 

Nothing is better than winning money – except when it comes from GSN and playing games!!! Thanks to all – truly a fun time and a great way to take a break during the day.

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Daily $100 Sweepstakes winner – juleshey.sb

Congratulations juleshey.sb on winning the $100 Daily Sweepstakes on 1/14/17. Read her fun reply below: 

Hi my name is Julia and I am so happy and excited to know I was a winner in the 100.00 sweepstakes! I have been playing on GSN for a few years but just recently moved to playing the cash games! I am a big fan of plinko! And scrabble cubes! This is my first big win! I’m from Milwaukee Wisconsin and am a mother of two daughters. Ben is my go to game when I have down time or need a break from being mommy 24/7. I always have fun and have nothing but great experiences on the website and mobile app! Can’t wait to keep my winnings coming!

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$25 Gift Card winner – ballgirl4ever

Congratulations to ballgirl4ever, winner of a $25 Gift Card on 1/18/17. She replied:

I love playing the games on your site. I just seem to go from one to another gathering new favorites along the way. Your site is so much more than games, there are opportunities to win really cool stuff…like this $25 dollar gift card I just won on GSN. Thank you so much.

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Daily $100 Sweepstakes Winner – Phantom11

Congratulations Phantom11 on winning the $100 Daily Sweepstakes on 1/6/17. What a fun story relating to her dad’s 86th birthday!

This  1/6/17  would have been my Dad’s 86th Birthday.  I decided to place ALL of my Oodle bids on the $100.00 Daily Sweepstakes. AND I JUST FOUND OUT I WON DADDY!!!  THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!!!    I have not placed a bid in a couple of years and just felt like 1/6/17 was my LUCKY DAY… and it was!!!!    THANK YOU VERY MUCH  GSN!!!!   I know he would want me to put my winning toward my credit cards. So, that is where the $100.00 will go. ( GSN knows about that  lol )

I LOVE playing games on the gsn game sight. And of course I LOVE WINNING!!!

Thanks to ALL of the workers at GSN  who make PLAYING & WINNING SO MUCH FUN!!!

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A Merry Congratulations to December’s MVO!

Congrats to  honeybunny442, December’s Most Valuable Oodler! I loved reading her story, and so will you!  She has a number of tips and tricks to offer. As an aside, I totally want to hug her cute pup Juna!


Hello!  My name is Susan and the little honey bunny next to me is Juna, our Plott Hound. I’m so thrilled and honored to be chosen as the MVO for December, it’s like a dream come true!  Continue reading