$25 Daily Gift Card Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations to gdmo54, who recently scored a $25 Exxon/Mobil gift card. You can be a winner too!  Enter here. And sometimes lightening does strike twice! (In a good way, we mean). Here’s what he had to say:

Really happy to hear I won the $25 Exxon/Mobil gift card on April 4th. That makes two sweepstake wins for me in less than one month after winning the daily $250 cash sweepstakes on March 19th. That was the second time I had won the $250 sweepstakes. I enjoy being a GSN Winner and will continue to keep playing for more wins!! Thanks!


$250 Daily Sweepstakes Winner

dailyeCould you use $250? Enter now for a chance to win some cash! EVERY DAY on GSN, you have a shot at winning $250 plus other cash and prizes!  See what ursilly had to say about his recent win:   

THANK YOU!!!!  THANK YOU!!!  This is wonderful the time is great. My family has been struggling the past couple years and this will be very, very helpful!!  THANK YOU!!


Oodletorial – Weekly Roundup

385449_10150448318549887_605836551_nHappy Friday!  We’ve had a busy week on GSN.com, so here are a few highlights in case you missed anything. For more information on any of the highlights, click the underlined blue links. They will pop the original article out in a new window:

  • New time for Power Hours started last night and fizzled out 2 hours early. We’re red-faced but have offered an apology promo code to make up for it. Ends 4/6 so redeem PH200 soon. This one you can redeem TWICE for a total of 200 Oodles. Continue reading

$250 Daily Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations eirefire22 on winning $250! See what this Detroit Red Wings fan has to say about her win:  ”Hello GSN! I am so thrilled to win the $250!! I’ve never won more than breaking even on a scratch ticket, and my fiance and I desperately need any penny for our upcoming October wedding, after getting hit hard with medical bills in the last year. I love playing Chachingo, Bingo games, and Solitaire Rush. Thank you so much!”


Lucky Charm Giveaway Winner

lcg_sweeps_detail3Congratulations to debrastormcrow for winning a 14K gold shamrock charm necklace from the Lucky Charm Giveaway on 3/31/14! This is what Debra had to say:

“GSN, I love playing your games and entering into your sweepstakes. Besides winning tens of million of tokens and oodles, I have won your sweepstakes too. This 14 karat gold Lucky Charm Necklace is just one of many treasures your website has given me.  I love you, GSN and I am a faithful fan forever. Thank you!”

Oodletorial – A Week Of Daily Bonus Issues

This week the Oodletorial is brought to you from all of us at GSN.com. To begin, we appreciate everyone’s patience this week while we looked in to the Daily Bonus issues that started last weekend.

The technical team worked hard to discover what the underlying cause was. This was of high importance to everyone, because we want to provide you with the best gaming experience possible. It took a few days, but they have been able to start working on a fix, and a number of people have been credited their outstanding Tokens.

It may still take until early next week to get everything fully resolved, so if you have not been credited yet, please be patient a little longer. We’re working on getting everyone up to date as soon as possible.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the disruption of your GSN.com experience. If you’re unsure if you’ve been credited, please check out this Oodletorial. It will walk you through steps on how to monitor your Token (as well as Oodles) transactions. As always, have a good weekend. We appreciate our members very much! – GSN Angel