ppiperd is October’s Most Valuable Oodler!

We’re so excited to have Dorothea R. as October’s MVO. She’s a long-time fan, and has many happy memories of GSN over the years. Please join us in congratulating her! 


Thank you so much for selecting me as an MVO for the month of October. I have been a GSN member since 2008 when GSN Live was on television. I was fortunate enough to have been awarded gift certificates, during that time period, as a call-in fan and answering questions.

Playing games, collecting Oodles and Tokens, are fun and finding answers to the Trivia bonus questions creates a great learning experience that keeps the mind active. And, needless to say, collecting Oodles has afforded me the opportunity to bid on several gift cards, which I have been lucky enough to win.

An added great bonus to being a member of GSN is Facebook, where I have made some good friends who are always there to help and support each other.

Happy OODLING to all
Dorothea R. a/k/a ppiperd

$25 Gift Card winner – KIWIFRUITS

admin-ajaxCongratulations to KIWIFRUITS, winner of a $25 Gift Card on 9/19/16. She replied:

“Hi there”…to the GSN Oodles Team! I’m super excited to get your e-mail tonight informing me that I 21won! I’m totally stunned and shocked! I’m so happy! I can’t believe it! “Thank-You” so very much!

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$7,512 ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot Winner – WLB29588

Congratulations WLB29588 on your $7,512 GSN ChaChingo Bingo win on 9/9/2015. here’s what he had to say:

I have been playing GSN games for the past six years and this is my first win! I was so shocked and surprised when I realized I won. Still doesn’t seem real. Thank you GSN Network and GSN.com for making this dream come through.

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Congratulations to September’s Most Valuable Oodler

As we wrap up summer, it’s time to usher in September’s MVO – pauline bkabu.myp! She brings a lot of smiles to to GSN, and it’s also her birthday week, so be sure to pass on your best wishes too! 😀 


My name is Polly and my partner in crime is a feline female Bengal, named ISIS (pictured below). She is always curled up in front of my key board, thank Heavens she lets my mouse alone so i can play!  I was born and raised in CA. I am a soldier, nurse, wife of 37 yrs, mother of 4 and granmama 6 girls. The oldest is 21 yrs.and in college and the youngest is 20 mos. full of energy. She sing her A-B-C’s. she’ll be a great Wheel of Fortune player.  Retired outside Charlotte, NC in the county, with my hubbie MSG, USA,RET and 2 mini horses.

Feel very honored to have been selected as September’s MVO 2016 !   What make’s it extra apecial; the extra Virgo with angel wings, as my b-day is the 5th.  I’ll be celebrating my 25th anniversary of my 39th birthday.   Jack Benny and I.  LOL YES, I do play: smphonic violin, viola, cello, bass and SING!

As a Sergent First Class, US Army, Retired, DAV, M.I. Branch , I take my analytic logicand military training sum it up in five parts.   1). K>I>S>S>  Keep It Simple Silly— a. Play the ChaChingo Bingo  b. Answer the triva ?

2). Bonus oodles
3). Go down the list, try to improve your score
4). Mix it up

Well to sum it up I love to play, and oodle are in a kettle for a rainey day!  I play both sides of the house, so if you are on G$N I am nme4ce.  Have wonderful Fall and HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! ⛄



Players’ Pets Featuring GamerSAW, satans1pet, and nov5610432.ses (and GSN Angel)

pets_fb_470x246aWelcome to Players’ Pets. This is the time we can meet each other’s pets, and maybe get to know other players a little more. 

When I post your pet pictures and story, you’ll get 1,000 Oodles! You can send them to GSNAngel@gsngames.com. Please include your user name and a few words about your pet. Even if you don’t currently have a pet, but would like to share a picture of a treasured pet from the past, or a pet in your family, please feel free to share. 

This week’s adorable pets belong to GamerSAW, satans1pet, and nov5610432.ses

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$25 Gift Card Winner – jamie638.pgo

Congratulations to jamie638.pgo, winner of a $25 Gift Card on 8/27/16. 

Wow !!! thank you , I’d prefer a Walmart $ 25 gift card. I love GSN , I’ve been playing for a couple of years now & love the new site with the casino games . I play every night, Jackpot Boogie Slots is my favorite

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Interview with Phantom11, Winner of The Token Games Slots Tournament!

Please join us in congratulating Phantom11, who scored 1st place in The Token Games Slots Tournament! The theme of the event was “Make Your Country Proud” and she did! We’re very excited for her, and she was a joy to interview:

  1. What do you like best about GSN?  Honestly, the support I ALWAYS get from the GSN Help Desk.  I only ask for “help” when I have had a REAL issue.  THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN VERY SUPPORTIVE.
  1. What is your favorite game on GSN?  For Oodles, I Love playing Bejeweled. For Tokens, Deal or No Deal.
  1. Besides playing games on GSN, what other activities do you enjoy?  I Love to help people in need.  I am a retired teacher, so I volunteer much of my time helping others.  Veterans, & elderly folks.  I Love to work in my yard and play golf.   And at age 62, I am still a beach bum against my dermatologist advice.
  1. What’s your favorite memory – GSN related, or otherwise?  My Favorite GSN memory was made today!!! When I opened the Correspondence from you GSN ANGEL!!!!   Telling me I had WON 1st PLACE in the TOKEN Game Slots Tournament!!!!   I had so much fun playing!!!!   I guess My other favorite memories are the ones I have touching so many lives as a  Jr. High & High School Physical Education Teacher for 30 years.  When students now come up to me and hug me and tell me how much they loved having me as a teacher!
  1. If you could tell fellow players anything, what would it be?   Have fun playing!!!  They are “Just games.”  If you are NOT winning or having fun, stop playing for awhile.  Remember to take time on forums to THANK THE WORKERS WE NEVER SEE for all of their time, effort and hard work they put in for us to ” HAVE FUN ”  ESPECIALLY ON HOLIDAYS!!!!   P.S.  From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say TYVM to ALL of the GSN workers that I never see to let me HAVE FUN playing all the games I LOVE!!!  May GOD Bless You GSN ANGEL  for all of your stories and the way you reach out to the GSN FAMILY in cyberspace.

(My Kitty is the REAL… Phantom )