Congrats to GSNAngel for Her “Freddie” Award!

385449_10150448318549887_605836551_nToday GSN Games recognized GSNAngel for her fantastic work over the holidays as’s Community Manager by awarding her the coveted “Freddie” award, named after famed lead singer Freddie Mercury from Queen.

Coincidentally, and unbeknownst to the rest of the company (including those who chose to award her), today is also Community Manager Appreciation Day! The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Continue reading

Oodletorial: On Calling Bingo and Bingo Calling

I love the new Mondo Bingo. I like the various speeds, I like the 10 cards, I like the feeling you get when you’re playing a particularly good game and you start collecting Bingos because you know that means you’ll get those extra balls.

I also like the caller’s voice. It’s full of energy, emotes fun, and comes across clear. Continue reading

Oodletorial: Dos and Don’ts of Making Comments

Oh how the Internet has changed in the course of just a few years! Why, I remember a time when you’d read a story online and that was it – you read it, you absorbed it, and if you had an opinion about it, you’d tell your cat, dog, or whoever might be in ear range. And they’d usually respond with a meow, bark or an eye-roll. Continue reading