The Monster GSN Chachingo Bingo Jackpot Continues To Grow!

The GSN Chachingo Bingo jackpot is at $21,000! We have hourly drawings. Pick your numbers here for your chance to win.

Also, thank you to everyone who shared how they’d spend the money if they win. As we read your posts we were wishing there were more jackpots. We hope a win is in everyone’s future on GSN! 

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58 thoughts on “The Monster GSN Chachingo Bingo Jackpot Continues To Grow!

  1. If I won the jackpot I would pay some medical bills and put a new roof on my house so it wouldn’t leak into my living room when it rained. I would also buy some paint so I could paint my walls. I would also use some of what was left to put some money in my account so I could once again play some cash games–it’s been awhile.

  2. if i could win,i would give my daughter some so she could move. she has my granbaby, so i would help them has much as i could.they are all i have.

  3. if i were to win the jackpot, i would put the money towards my 15 year old brothers funeral, to get it paid off.

  4. This is just so amazing….wondering how high the jackpot is going to get before one or more hits it…good luck to everyone!!!

  5. As I posted before and still feel …. Excited, hopeful, nervous etc and yet I know the odds are nearly impossible of me winning the huge ChaChingo pot. So wishful I don’t even want to talk about it. Ooops.. I just did. Oh well…. You can bet a picture and “oodles” of joyful word would be posted if I won. Good luck to all… well not too much, gotta save a bit for me. lol

    • Oh, oh, oh…. I just realized that if I won I’d have soooo much fun showing my hubby that all my GSN game playing was such a good use of my time. The laundry & dishes will still be there tomorrow.

  6. It says on the home page it is over 22000. Not even close. This is not the first time this has happened. I don’t know about anyone else, but I play this game and all other games on here 24/7 because I could really use the money. I always hope that whoever needs it more then I do would win. But I don’t understand how you all can make so many mistakes about the Jackpot when so many of us are hoping and praying to win. Whats up???

    • Hi Debbie, I apologize for the typoed banner, and have reported it, but what other mistakes are you referring to when it comes to this jackpot?

      • Other Jackpots. Some were posted as being more then stated. It’s like they are saying it’s up to 10,000 when it’s only 962.00. just an example. Can’t remember exact amount. Makes us all wonder what is going on?

  7. I play here a lot of my waking moments, unfortunately all I seem to be getting is a bigger butt (lol) and tokens/oodles. I was wondering if anyone in Michigan has ever won the chachingo? Or do you have to play the cash games to win it?

    • I’m sorry, I’m not sure where people live who’ve won. It’s not really a factor. No, you do not have to play cash games to win. That’s also not a factor. Getting the right numbers is the only one. 🙂

  8. Did someone win the big bingo jackpot? It is 6:03pm as I write this and when I just picked my numbers for the 6:00pm jackpot in the top right hand corner it says Current Jackpot $1,500 BUT in the box where you pick the numbers and it gives the results it says the jackpot is $21,300. Which one is correct?

  9. And that’s all folks…the jackpot was just hit…back to $1500…and back to bed for the people that have been losing sleep!
    Darn i wish i was that lucky person(s)…maybe next time! lol

    • I didn’t see who won until now; CONGRATULATIONS jojo3626…enjoy your 15 minutes of fame…and the money too! LOL

    • Uhhhh if jojo 3626 is the same person on youtube. I highly highly doubt that she is 18 years old, this really needs to be checked out folks !!!!!

      • Hi M R Gansel, all winners are verified on GSN, this one will be too. Please remember that user names on other platforms do not necessarily belong to the same person on GSN.

      • M R Gansel…i checked out the jojo3626 on Youtube and i see what you mean. Hopefully, the GSN jojo3626 is another person, but if it’s one and the same, i don’t know what GSN would do if she’s not 18. Award the money to her parents or throw it back in the pot…who knows????

        • 2jellybeans, please note that we do not condone internet searches for GSN users and place high value on protecting the privacy of our players. There are millions of people online, and rarely does anyone have a user name no one else has.

          That being said, we do review winner accounts and ask for supporting documents from winners. When a large prize is in place, our investigation intensifies.

          • Angel, i wish i hadn’t done that now. I’m sitting here red faced; i feel so embarrassed. I’m sorry and please accept my apology!

          • It’s OK! We just needed to let people know is all. Please don’t feel bad.

  10. Congratulations JoJo3626 on winning the big jackpot. Enjoy spending all that money. You have been very blessed.

  11. Congratulations jojo3626! Wow!! After all those hours of people picking numbers…. after all those “wish list” comments…. after all the wondering.. and waiting…. Yay!! Somebody finally Won!! Have a wonderful remainder of the week!!! 🙂

  12. congrats!!!!!! who ever u r !!! what a jackpot!! I have lost a lot of sleep!!! were the numbers special to you?

  13. CONGRATULATIONS jojo3626! That’s a lot of moolah! 🙂 I had been amazed hour after hour when the jackpot just kept going up. I shook my head and said, “Wow, nobody has won it YET?” When I finally saw it go to $1,500 I won’t lie, I was hoping I had won, but was oddly relieved that someone finally did! YAY!! 🙂

  14. i think on the jp there should be $$ for runnerups like 1 ball is so much, 2 balls etc, they took away the bingo game that paid $$ and all these games on here you dont win $$$$ unless you want to pay to play and a lot of us dont have the money to do that, they should add games you can win $$$$$ at and not have to pay or , maybe charge 3.99 a month

  15. Well, we all got to dream! Congrats to the winner of the ChaChingo jackpot. Wonderful – I honestly did not think I would win, but still fun.

  16. yeah me to I wish that they had more games to play to win money then having to pay to play because the only thing to can do is try to win something that you bid for and that don’t always work because I have never one any thing that I bid for because I don’t have enough oodles to win and to buy some it is 400 or more $ and I don’t have that must to spend in oodles I have to little kids I play this games for fun if I do win something I and happy to win but most of the time I don’t win this one time I bid on something did not win but the thing went for over a 1,000,000 oodles I don’t get I wish they had more you could buy the bid for they books I don’t want a book and the coupons I don’t want a coupon because I still cant buy it after the coupon but the games r fun GOD BLESS

  17. Well Angel, that huge jackpot was fun, but oddly stressful ! Seems so much was riding on winning over $20,000 for so many players here. I find it much more fun to see 4 or 5 wins of $3,000. or $4,000. each month. It somehow keeps things lighter and happier when the stakes are high, but not so high that we all stay up around the clock praying to win a life changing amount ! Do you think GSN will go back to having several big wins per month ? I sure hope so.

  18. Just curious, why hasn’t the ChaChingo bingo winner of 20,000 plus dollars been listed in the winners area where you all usually do a nice story on the winners? Did the winner not check out? Were they valid, what’s happening?

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