Oodletorial: OOH! Delectible!

Next time you’re at a party or a dinner or somewhere that there’s a lot of food and a lot of guests, and you see a beautifully put-together plate of food, say “Ooh – delectible!” and then quickly scan the crowd to see who reacts. That person will understand your desire for Oodlectibles, and perhaps you’ll have made a new friend for life.

I just now bought all the new ones. The ones that are themed with games that are played during the winter. They’re beautifully designed and this may even help me to remember to watch the bobsleigh races this year. For once.

And the Team USA Oodlectible may actually pay for itself, provided the USA does well! To quote from the 2014 Team USA Oodlectible page:

You’ll score 100 Oodles and 1,000 Tokens for every Team USA Point.

~Score 3 Team USA Points for every 1st place medal.
~Score 2 Team USA Points for every 2nd place medal.
~Score 1 Team USA Points for every 3rd place medal.

So, not to place any more pressure on our athletes, but – come on, guys, I’m invested now. Let’s win these games!

I was also taken with the beautiful figure skating Oodlectible. It’s a tribute to the elegance of figure skating as a whole. If I were only able to watch one event, it would be tough to decide, but I’d probably go with figure skating because it’s truly a balance of athletics, grace and emotion. Where many of the sports get the adrenaline pumping, figure skating has that, plus awe. And sometimes they play good music.

That’s not to say I won’t enjoy the other sports. Just looking at the upcoming skiing and snowboarding Oodlectibles, I suddenly get the desire to hit the slopes.

Curling? Well, maybe this year I’ll jump on the bandwagon!

18 thoughts on “Oodletorial: OOH! Delectible!

    • NME4CE, I think all have come out. The rarer ones will continue to come out, but still in very limited quantities. There’s no guarantee of being able to get them all. Good luck!

  1. PS: These Olympic Oodles are beautiful. How about putting the same effort in a Veteran Day or maybe a Animated Illumination MEMORIAL DAY ooh! delectable.
    To honor all those men and women who have sacrificed so much, for our country. A wise person said, you don’t know what a person goes through unless ….”You walk a mile in their shoes.”

    • NME4CE, the winter games lend themselves to an Oodectible game like this (collect as many as you can for Tokens). We do usually have Memorial Day and Veteran Day Odlectibles. We think they’re important also. 🙂

    • Michele, once it’s sold out it just take you back to the prize center. It hasn’t cleared out of cache yet which is why you’re still seeing it.

          • I had been looking for it too. since the beginning. all different times of the day and night. the first time i saw it, it wouldn’t let me buy it either. I just saw it again today and got all excited for nothing. O well, at least now we know there gone and we at least had the thrill of the hunt.

  2. I figured it out. The details are when you actually go to buy the oodlectible. I didn’t read, I just bought it because I liked it. And now I’ll get bonus oodles by 2/25, I believe it says! USA, USA USA!!!!

  3. I tried to purchase the curling oodlectiable, and it kept refreshing to the beginning of the prize selection over and over. Is there something preventing the purchase of the curling oodlectiable? I just love them.

    • Hi pegasusd. if you get taken back to the prize page, that means the Oodlectible has sold out. The curling one is the most rare of the set and is difficult to obtain. You still see if because it takes a while to clear out of our server’s cache.

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