Ketch64 is February’s MVO

Congratulations to February’s Most Valuable Oodler – David, aka Ketch64!


It’s still cold outside, but his enthusiasm warms our hearts. Please read more about David below: 

Oh my gosh! Thank you SO much for picking me! Its an honor I won’t soon forget (and my family has always said its just a put on, the people aren’t real…LOL) Well I’m here to tell you all, My name is David K. aka Ketch64. I’m a real person who just won this awesome prize! First, I’d like to thank the creator(s) of, the game support team and our Angel. Thank you for picking me for Feb MVO! Now its true, I’ve never won anything, ever online and this has me so hyped! To my friends of GSN, I wish I could give you some insight on winning, but in all honestly each time I play for oodles I just wing it. From the great games on the Wonder Wheel to Straws, I just wing it. I have to say, being Feb MVO has me just as excited as my beloved Boston Red Sox winning the World Series this past season! So again, thank you GSN!!!

David K. AKA Ketch64


46 thoughts on “Ketch64 is February’s MVO

  1. David. Congratulations on being THE MVO of February, It’s going to be the most exciting month for you. Enjoy every bit of it.The Staff and the Players will make you feel like part of the family. Iknow because I’m still on cloud nine ,when I got mine.
    Karen Herring

      • Susan, that makes the both of us. You see I love to sing(not prof) but I do and have been asked to sing our National Anthem for a local baseball club. I do it with honor, I do it with pride!

        • My daughter is a singer as well. She has been trained in voice. I think she sings everything – however she has a classical singing voice and has performed professionally in PIRATES OF PENZANCE.

          Singing for the game sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations.

          • Thank you! It truely is. Had my highest honor last season when the owner asked me to sing on the 4th of July. Was something I’ll never forget!

          • I am wondering if you have a website visit and hear you sing. That is quite A BIG DEAL TO BE ASKED BY YOUR TEAM TO SING!
            I noticed that someone made a comment on your “other claim to fame” being your wonderful voice.


  3. Congrats David on being this month’s MVO! GSN has done a wonderful job of picking some of the nicest people to be MVO and to represent them. Last month was Karen’s(fishbait) moment to shine as MVO and I invited her to come to GSN’s chatroom and I would now like to invite you to come to GSN’s chatroom at it’s open Monday thru Friday from 3pm to 6pm eastern time. We are a small group, but we do have alot of fun in there. I’m so glad that Karen came to the chatroom, I made a new friend. I hope to see you there too, and can one day also call you my friend.

  4. Thank you team and Angel, you have made this cold month something to remember…other than watching the weather channel and the next winter storm….LOL!!!

  5. Congratulations on your MVO for February !

    Boston Red Sox winning – Miracles do happen !
    ……………..and to regular people too!
    All good things for 2014 – enjoy the “Elite Status of being MVO ”
    your in good company…………
    and Game On !

    • Mindy, thank you so mcuh! If your in that company I am truely lucky and its a honor to be in the mist of your company 😉

  6. Is kissing the golden oodle like kissing the Blarney Stone? But we know you’re telling the truth about the thrill of receiving the golden oodle! Congratulations and enjoy your 2014 MVO month, David!

  7. Hey David Congratulations On Winning The Coveted Golden Oodle …..I Was MVO In November…..It Was Something I Had Long For …..For A Very Long Time…Man Does`nt That Look So Shiny And Gold…..I Cherish Mine…..Oh By The Way I Live In Oklahoma City….And I `m A Musician….Use To Live in Buffalo New York…In 1989….And Have Always Love The Boston Red Sox !!! ( My Lover Is A Cardinal Fan ….lol ) Have Fun Winning More ….Because , Now You Have The Lucky Golden Oodle….Now There Is No Excuse…..Not To Win ! You Can Go Back Though The Older Post And Read My Bio…..There Is A Photo Of Me…..MVO November …It`s Always Good To Have A Face To Put With A Name ~ Again Congratulations~ Lesli

    • Wow, a former upstater! Thank you Lesli! yes I do love my golden oodle. I keep her so nice and clean 😉 Its kind of strange, you beeing from Buffalo and a Red Sox fan…and a musician! I dont consider myself one, but I do love to sing. I live close to the city of Elmira. There they have a baseball team, a summer league for the college guys. Well for the last 3 season I have performed our Nation Anthem for them. Its a honor to sing it. This past season a friend of mine recorded it and post it on youtube. I now have sent a cd to the Bills in hope I can sing it for a Bills game!

      • Good Luck Lover….My All Time Favorite Team Was The Bills ….Especially When OJ ….Played For Them….What A Fall From Grace ~…Anyway Buffalo`s Not A Winning Team Anymore , Sadly…..Kinda Lost Interest …Especially After Denver Choked….lol

  8. Sadly — I have not been invited to the table (yet– ha,ha)
    me? MVO ? > you honor me sir!
    no not me……. the group of past “winners” are truly inspiring and enjoy their shared stories just as I have enjoyed your story of being named……………
    it’s always nice to connect with a fellow G$Nner !
    Game On and let us know how the Oodle Mobile is doing?
    …continuing Luck ! :>)

  9. Wow! David, you have another claim to fame besides your golden oodle! I just watched your videos! Good for you!! You carry a tune well, you pronunciate your words nicely, and you sing with heart! Hope all your dreams come true!!

  10. I would like to CONGRATULATE……..DAVID K. for him to be able to COLLECT that Golden Oodle as GSN’s MVO! Most Valuable Oodler, is a proud moment that gives you that feeling of worthiness!! I also would like to know how I can NOMINATE any single individual for this honor….PLEASE!!?

  11. Welcome to the tribe, David. rub the golden oodle like a genie’s lamp for your month. It works well. Enjoy the oodlemobile as well. Have a fun month! It’s a lot of fun being the MVO!

    MVO 7/11

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