New: Diamond Royale Slots!

Want to rule the reels? Play for a supersized Token payout in our new game, Diamond Royale Slots! Just spin and watch the diamonds fly.

 Tips & Tricks

  • Land on 3 mini-game symbols to play the Choose a Door mini-game.
  • In the Choose a Door mini-game, the bonus multiplier applies not just to your bet per line, but to your total bet. Increase your number of paylines to get the most out of the mini-game.
  • WILDs chain together huge jackpots! They can replace any symbol except the mini-game symbol. 


39 thoughts on “New: Diamond Royale Slots!

          • Than ks for checking on that! Can you go to this link and tell me what your operating system is? (it’s all information Player Services needs when there are issues, so they can try and replicate the problem)

          • My operating system is Windows XP.
            I went out of AOL since the game wouldn’t work there. I tried ie, but with our computer, it just flakes out and repeatedly opens front pages (or rather…tries to) for ie. I then crashed and rebooted and just went through Xfinity and was able to play the game. It plays rough and hangs up some, but at least I could give it a try. I’d love to be able to play through AOL, like I can the other games. I can then read email between plays. Hopefully it will work out with time. Like someone else said…Ghostbusters had bugs at first too, but eventually works most of the time.

  1. I can’t get on either, however, it will fix itself in a couple of days. Same thing happened with Ghostbusters. Say, are they ever going to let us play for less than 100 tokens on Ghostbusters? The minus sign is there, but it doesn’t work?

  2. well game loaded for me and i played but have to say it was a lil boring…sound effects are blah…maybe if the sound was with a lil more crescendos it would be more enticing…… all in all i give this one an eight out of ten guys……thanks for the new game though…

  3. JFYI: I was having trouble and got a new computer (windows7) and no trouble yet….go to walmart. com and they have dell, hp and others refurbished computers from $182. to 500.00 . I got the cheapest and no problems yet. Try it if you want a new computer but cant afford a new one. They do have warranties.

  4. Thanks GSN for all the new games you have been introducing lately!!! All of us will not like or play them all, but I enjoy different options and have had a great time playing the new Casino Royale Slots, I played it on Facebook, but like it much better here on the GSN game site.

    I haven’t had any issues with the game, I am using IE with Windows 7. Unlike Ghostbusters (which I like) but is really expensive to play. Casino Royale is at least reasonable on the token/line wager. Haven’t hit the special door yet, still waiting for that. Thanks again for keeping things new and fresh, hope to get a promotion for this game I really enjoy it.

    • Oops! meant to write Diamond Royale Slots, not Casino Royale, I do believe Casino Royale is a movie I have watched several times. Sorry for the typo, getting used to the new game.

  5. Lococutus – Min bet is 20 tokens for this game – One Line x 20; or 300 minimum tokens if you play all 15 lines. Certainly better than the Ghostbusters minimum.

    • I am playing on IE 10, Windows 7, 64 bit and not having any issues. I have played several times today.

      Lococutus- you can certainly bet more than 1 line at 20 tokens. You can up the tokens and #of lines (max. 15 lines) as much as you want. Depends on how much you want to wager in tokens. It is a little higher than some of the other slot games but more in line than what Ghostbusters is with a minimum bet of 1500 tokens for all the lines.

  6. I think the new game is another game for high rollers. I like to play 5 tokens per line and this one along with Ghostbusters Slots needs to be adjusted so those who have small amounts of tokens can enjoy playing all 15 lines without spending too much in one spin.

  7. I downloaded firefox and I still can’t play diamond royale and this is what your players service said to do. I don’t want to damage my computer.

  8. I am loving the 2 newest games…Ghostbusters has excellent visuals…especially when you get the Slimer hitting the button !!! Awesome…Also, Thank you for having the opportunity w/ the monkey and receiving extra tokens…I was running low to even play the games and the “monkey” helped me stay in the featured games & and get ahead again…Thanks for everything….

  9. I am writing in because I cannot get on the game like many others, however, since news has surfaced from ‘austinrules1’ regarding the lines and bet minimum I guess us “low rollers” won’t be playing. too bad so sad.

    • Agreed. You spend all night watching those friggin monkey vids for tokens, only to have them disappear in a matter of minutes playing a game. The 2 newest games are more entertaining, but too high of a wager. 2 hours of commercial-watching for 10-15 minutes of game-playing that only leads to an empty token account….psssh….

  10. I’ve played a few hundred spins of Diamond Royale and have yet to hit the bonus game. Anybody else experiencing that? It’s kind of annoying, especially with the relatively high minimum. (I would play Ghostbusters much more often if I didn’t have to bet 100 per line!)

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