Oodles 101

Are you new to GSN and Oodles? Do you have Oodle-related questions such as how to win them, or redeem them for prizes? If so, please read on to find out all about Oodles!


1. What’s an Oodle?

Oodles are GSN’s winnable, spendable, and oh-so-fun-to-say currency! There are tons of ways to win Oodles and you can redeem them in the Prize Center for cash sweepstakes entries, gift cards, electronics, and more.

2. How can I win Oodles?

The easiest way to start scoring Oodles is by updating your profile under My GSN > To-Doodles and confirming your email address.

Next, check out the Quick Play category under the All Games tab for endless Oodletunities:

  • Daily Break can be played once a day. Brainteasers, puzzles, trivia, and more!
  • GSN ChaChingo Bingo: Drawings EVERY hour for a shot at a CASH jackpot. Plus, you’ll earn Group Loot (500 Tokens and 50 Oodles!) by playing on the site when someone hits a jackpot or matches 4 numbers.
  • Oodles Bonus Trivia: Answer trivia questions 4 times a day, including the Secret Word. If you miss the Secret Word on TV, find it listed on Player News at 3pm ET, Monday through Friday.
  • The Wonder Wheel: Spin the wheel to play 1 of 3 quick games!

Tip: Trivia got you stumped? Go to the GSN Games Facebook page. Players love helping each other out.

  • Top players can earn Oodles by landing on our daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards. Look for games with an Oodle icon.
  • Pocket Bonus Oodles when you buy Token bundles. Check your email for exclusive deals, too.
  • Look for special Oodle promotions under the My GSN tab

3. What is My GSN?

Think of My GSN as your home base. You’ll find your profile info, current promotions, and more:

4. Bring on the PRIZES! How do I redeem my Oodles?

Head to the Prize Center and start shopping! Select Browse All Prizes and use the “View” drop-down menu to sort prizes by category and ways to win.

Buy it Now items let you instantly redeem your Oodles to score a prize. We also have sweepstakes and Play to Win tournaments running every day – for just a few Oodles, you’ve got a shot at winning BIG prizes like gift cards, TVs, and CASH! In Oodle Auctions, the highest bidder takes the prize. If you don’t win an auction, the Oodles you bid are returned to you, minus the entry fee.

You can also donate Oodles to support charitable organizations or redeem them to collect our adorable Oodlectibles for your Collections Box.

Remember to check back often – we stock new prizes nearly EVERY DAY. Happy Oodling!

28 thoughts on “Oodles 101

    • Lois, you can contact Player Services for assistance. Just click on GSN Help at the top of the page after you log on to your user name.

    • yes,my name is kelly jon hobbs and you make me change my users name on here all the time, sometimes you want me to put in kellyhobbs4321 and other times you wont except me inless I put in kellyhobbs5432 and today on 10/14/2013 you had me put in kellyhobbs6543 why is there so many combanations??? that I have to put in? and , please start putting my real money in my ooddles at least so I can get it you said I eard over 1,200 but I now dont know how to get it off the computer from your company.

      • kelly jon hobbs, I think I see the issue. You’ve created multiple accounts, but if you ever did a password retrieval it wouldn’t work since the emails are wrong (for example @3gmail.com or @agmail.com) so you keep creating new accounts.

        Please contact Player Services and they can help you get down to one account with the correct email for you. To contact them click log on to a user name, and click GSN help at the top of the main gsn.com page, then click the contact player services link.

        Please include all the user names you can think of (kellyhobbs6543 is not one so it may have been a different number combination), as well as the email you wnat attached to the account so if you ever need to retrieve your name or password, they can be sent to you.

        Good luck!

  1. Hello there!

    I have won two $25 gas cards which I used for a vacation about six months ago – it really helped out!

    Anyhow, up here in Northern Michigan, and actually in most of Michigan, we don’t have Exxon or Mobil, so is there any possibility to get any gas cards at other stations? Believe me, this isn’t a complaint – it’s just a suggestion!

    Thanks so much – my next goal is to try and get on a game show!!! That’s on my “bucket list.”


  2. same here- Exxon moved out- I noticed that is the featured card. We still have Citgo, Shell, BP., Kroger, hmmm a Kroger card or Visa gift card would cover that ;)

  3. I just found an extra 500 oodles in my account listed as an “Oodlectible Badge Bonus”! I’m thrilled, but how did that happen? What is an Oodlectible Badge Bonus?

    • Hi, if you redeem the right Oodlectibles, we’ll give you a bonus – between roughly 500 and 1500 Oodles! It’s a surprise bonus the Prize Center people have been doing for a year or two now.

  4. i am not a cash player however on certain games i am rewarded with rewards points. Can i use them if i am not a cash player and can they be converted into oodles or tokens?

    • Hi, Rewards Points can’t be used unless your a cash player. If you upgrade to a cash player, your current Rewards Points are converted to game credits. You can read more in the cash game FAQS. Do a search for “Rewards Points”

  5. I’m very disappointed in how GSN manages things. I can’t get the chachingo bingo game to lock in my numbers, I was burned for over 125,000,000 tokens and was given some lame reasoning for the fact that there was no record of my having that many tokens and now no matter what game I play I don’t have the slightest bit of a chance. Have I been blacklisted because I complained to you in the past about the missing tokens? I’ve already uninstalled GSN from my android phone….Do I need to give up on you guys or what?

    • Hi Wayne, I’m sorry for the difficulties you’re having. Please be assured we don’t blacklist people for complaining. In fact, we appreciate the feedback! I’m not sure why you’re having issues, but your best bet would be to contact Player Services. To do so, click on GSN Help at the top of the main gsn.com page after you log in to your user name. You’ll need to be logged in to see the contact player services link.

    • Hi Brad, while you can’t trade Oodles for Tokens, you can use your Oodles towards special Token Sweepstakes located here. There’s a Daily 25,000 Token Sweeps as well as a Weekly One Million Token Sweeps. Good luck if you chose to enter!

  6. GSN Angel, maybe you can answer this for me. Do some of the games award oodles for more places than other games? I looked at the leaderboards link above, and it seems off, that all games don’t award that many places. And do some games change the number of places they award at some point?

    Thanks for your help, I play Mahjonng Dimensions, but have stopped getting oodles for being on the leaderboards, so I can only guess they have stopped awarding so many places. And some games I don’t get any oodles for, even if I’m in the 200′s, so maybe they only award a hundred spots?? Don’t know.

      • To find out how many leaderboard slots earn oodles,
        click the “all games” tab,
        click the game you want,
        scroll down to the leaderboards bar, click the phrase:
        “Top Players Win Oodles! Click Here to Learn More.”
        A new window will open showing how many oodles will be awarded for each position on the leaderboard.
        Scroll down to your current position, and see your potential reward. If others play later and score higher, your position may drop lower.

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