GSN Keeps It Hot Sweepstakes Winners

gsn_sweep_detail_1Congratulations to IreneNF and janettrt.myp, two of our GSN Keeps It Hot Sweepstakes winners. Check out what they had to say when they found out they each won a $1,000 Walmart Gift Card!

IreneNF: I love playing on GSN, especially Wheel of fortune slots and Video Bingo, I play every chance I get.  I play on my Kindle at home in the evenings and on my computer on lunch breaks at work.  Keeps me entertained.

janettrt.myp: I am so happy to hear that I won the sweepstakes, thank you so much! I have so many things I need for our house. This is so great!!


2 thoughts on “GSN Keeps It Hot Sweepstakes Winners

  1. Once again I feel I am being cheated out of a prize. I am plying wheel of fortune and I have a problem with the wheel showing out of the 5 prize windows that are on the wheel when it is spun is showing a wild card on both ends and the three middle windows or prize slots is showing Jackpot, so it is showing-in the 5 slots wild card,- jackpot,-jackpot,-jackpot,-wild card. To me that means I hit a jackpot why does it not award anything? I still have the window with this open so I can show what it is. What should I do

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