Night Owl Special Tonight – 900 Oodles from 10PM to 4AM ET

You won’t need night vision to see this amazing Oodletunity! Pick up 150 Oodles EVERY hour for playing 100 spins on ANY slots game between 10pm and 4am ET! Β (Better take a nap today, we’re partying all night!)


29 thoughts on “Night Owl Special Tonight – 900 Oodles from 10PM to 4AM ET

    • Hi Nia, I’m sorry you have to miss this round. Hopefully you can catch the Happy Hour or Night Owl Special, as we try to have them at different times to give everyone a chance to play!

  1. This should be a real “HOOT”!
    Thnx for another opportunity to win some Oodles. Even if I don’t make it through the entire night, at least I can get a couple of rounds in! Thnx Angel and GSN!
    p.s… was up early,early this morning to do the Terry Fox Run. Great turn out in our area and most importantly, LOTS of money raised towards Cancer Research! woo-hooo!!

    • I’ll pass your thoughts on! They are doing different times to give others a chance to play who were unable to make other Happy Hours.

  2. I just played one round and got my 150 oodles so I’m satisfied. I’m not upset at all it’s a late promo I think it’s great to offer the night owls something to do AT NIGHT. Thanks GSN.

  3. Usually I “check-in” too late for these deals, but this one I’m right one time. πŸ™‚ But I still think there should be at least 24 hour notice for these promos. . . . Thanks for all you do! Happy oodling!

  4. I stumbled across this promo. I humbly request 2 ways of notification on these type of Oodle earning opportunities going forward.

    1) Is it possible to post this on the My GSN home page starting at midnight on the day it is happening? I think there is more ;unique GSN users who visit this page than the Player News tab.
    2) Some type of email notification from GSN before the start of these type of opportunities. We get email on other types of promotions (Rewards Points, Cash Game promos, etc.). But I did not any type of email notification from GSN on this promotion.

    I submit these suggestions to allow more user to be able to take advantage of these promotional opportunities. Considering of these suggestions by GSN will be appreciated.

  5. I appreciate the different times for these hourly-type oodles promos. What I REALLY appreciate is the notice this morning on the “my promos” page so I knew this was coming. I missed the last one even though I was playing games at the time, so really I like the heads up for this promo.

    • Yeah I saw the promo notice too, hours in advance, so… that was pretty good notice I thought. Some things can be announced days in advance, other times it’s nice to just get a surprise with a same day heads up. Thanks GSN! πŸ™‚

  6. Well, I don’t know when this showed up on my GSN page, but I don’t believe it was there when I checked in after 12 a.m. est., which is when I check the page for promo’s for the day. There was no secret word, so no need to go to Player News. At least I picked up some oodles when I checked in at 12 a.m in the latter part of the promotion. So ditto to Jim’s No. 1 suggestion.

  7. you should have given a better warining about this or do it during the day. we do have to sleep sometimes; but gsn doesn’t care.

    • GSN cares very much which is why we’re listening to player feedback to hold Happy Hour and special promos at different times. And as it was listed on here, Facebook, and My GSN as coming soon, it seems they got the word out a lot better than before. I’m sure we’ll keep working at it though. πŸ™‚

  8. I too, think that this oodle opportunity was too late! I know that you can’t please everyone, but having it earlier in the day would be better for everyone.

    I don’t know about others, but I receive an email informing me about these opportunities……..doesn’t everyone? My problem is that I’m not always on top of checking my emails….my problem.

  9. To try to be fair, so no one has to miss out, no matter what time zone, here’s a suggestion. Why not make a special where you can earn however many oodles by playing for 4 consecutive hours in a day- makes no difference the time zone.

  10. GSN won’t ever be able to please EVERYONE all the time! Personally, considering the different time-zones and the fact that people have different schedules, I feel GSN is doing a good thing to have a night-owl special. So what if we can’t all stay up through the entire night. Do what you can, then go to sleep. Why should all these Happy-Hours be happening through the daytime only? What about people that have to work, or people who have children to take care of? There will always be “someone” not happy with the time, or the advance notice, or something. Just do what you can do. In the meantime, try to be HAPPY and enjoy the moments that make you SMILE!!!

  11. My Dear Angel, I, and know my fellow GSNer’s, always appreciate any GSN promotions that enables us an opportunity to win Oodles. Yesterdays “The Night Owl” promotion which offered us the ability to win 900 oodles was a pleasant surprise.

    Unfortunately, due to the timing of the promotion, I missed out playing some of the games. Luckily, I did stay up until midnight, which is not always the case. And decided to check GSNChatters FB Group, where a member posted a promo alert there. If it wasn’t for this I would have still missed it, because, it wasn’t at the top of My Promotions Page.

    I did receive GSN’s promotion email alert, however, received it on 9/15/13 at 9:32 PM ET, that’s less than 30 minutes before the promotion began. From reading other posts, I see I’m not alone in suggesting that GSN please send us alerts about such promos much earlier in the day, instead of 28 minutes prior to when it begins. Not all of us check our email so late in the evening or stay up that late. It would nice to have advance warning about promotions, so, we can be sure not to miss them.

    Thanks and Take Good Care My Dear Angel

    • Thanks Zekester! I’ve passed you post on too. I did post the announcement on Player News at 8am ET, so it was about a 14 hour heads up, and it went up at Noon ET on My GSN as coming soon. Any important announcements for the day I try to post by 8am ET, so this is a great page to check for anything upcoming.

      • Thanks Angel Sweetie, I didn’t know this was posted earlier on Players News. I’ll be sure to check this page more often. The issue with posting it on My GSN promotion page. was it wasn’t posted at the top of the promotions. This would have made it easier for us to find, considering it was a limited time promotion. Many of us play ChaChingo all day and we would have seen it in plenty of time to play. Perhaps GSN could take this suggestion into consideration and would have a lot less disappointed members.

        Take Good Care Hon

        • I’ll definitely pass on your thoughts. πŸ™‚ I was told there was a notice put up on MY GSN at Noon ET that day as a “coming soon.” Did that not happen, or did you not look on My GSN in the afternoon? I want to be sure to pass on the correct information. Thanks!

  12. I think the Happy Hour and the Night Hour Special are both fun ways to pick up Oodles; thus, I applaud the efforts of GSN. Since I play at different hours of the day and night, and missed both of these, what I have gleaned is this: My GSN Page and Player News has to be continually checked. It is not enough to check in at the beginning of the day. If that is the case, then maybe GSN should let players know to check these pages often, as surprises may pop up!

    • omg, i totally agree!!! i keep looking at it and getting soooo mad at myself for not doing it! cause i was awake and playing on the computer at that time, just wasnt on slots!!! grrrr! also, i just want to say i think this was an awesome idea and should have it more often! i also need to check my email more often, as i missed many different cool things like this cause i didn’t check my email! thank you GSN for these opportunities and keep ’em coming!!!

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