Vegas Nights 2 Is Here!

Are you a GSN Cash Games player? If so, Vegas Nights 2 is ready to go! Compete for real cash and prizes while revving up your Multiplier Meter and activating boosts like Rockets, Slot Shuffles, and Magic Wands. PLUS, check out our new exclusive Multi-Swap feature.


32 thoughts on “Vegas Nights 2 Is Here!

  1. problem with cash games there some state legislation’s that prohibit playing cash games because it considers it as online gambling(though we can play the free games but get nothing for it)

    • I really enjoy GSN games, I do play a cash game once in a while but mainly play for tokens and oodles. Don’t want to seem to complain but… seems there have been lots of promos for cash games on my GSN page and very few for tokens and oodles, which is what keeps me interested in coming back to GSN. I have purchased tokens and cash credits both, I don’t play cash games much as I am not at the same level as most people who play for money. I play the free cash games to learn and get better but not for competition it gets to expensive. I enjoy playing for oodles and tokens, I wish we would see at least as many promos for tokens and oodles like we used to in relation to the promos for so many cash games. It seemed like we used to have at least one oodle and one token promo per week, lately that doesn’t seem to be the case. My GSN page is full of promos for cash games and nothing for oodles or tokens again this week. I hit a few of the games for the night owl special but couldn’t make them all. As danhere stated some states can’t gamble so the token and oodle games and promos are important and we do buy tokens, just as those who play the cash games buy game credits. Hope to see more consistent promos for tokens and oodles again, that’s why I enjoy this site.

      • Hi sdnels, thank you for your thoughts. You’re seeing more cash promotions because those used to be mailed out, and now they’re being posted on MY GSN. There are at least 500 Oodles available every week in promotions. Sometimes it’s one, other times it’s split between two promotions. Last week there were 1,400 Oodles available between two promotions!

        • There are still at least 5 token and cash to 1 oodle promos every week!!!!!!! How in the sam hill does GSN believe that is equal!!!!!!!! I have over 6,000,000 tokens and cannot get over half of the free cash games to work on my computer!!!!!! Also WorldWinner requires you to become a cash player to redeem your reward points but when you become a cash player they take away all your hard earned points and give you a measly $20 game credit and 500 reward points!!!!!!!!! I have no reason or desire to purchase more tokens or pay for cash games I cannot even get to work!!!!!!!!! For over the last year GSN has taken away a lot of the prizes that you can get for oodles and made it to where if you dont purchase tokens or pay for cash games you dont get squat!!!!!!! The bottom line is that GSN cares more about getting as much money from players as they can and give them nothing in return!!!!!!!! Also I have checked the Vegas Nights 2 on World winner and this is the comment for the cash games section: “Unfortunately, there are no cash games available in Vegas Nights 2.” Therefore the promo for this game is worthless!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is anyone else having trouble viewing their oodles and tokens transaction history? I know I am. I have had this problem since yesterday. I am still able to see how many oodles and tokens I have at the bottom left corner of the screen but I am unable to see how many tokens and oodles I have spent or earned when the window to view the history comes up. The window comes up but I just cannot see what oodles and tokens I spend or earned at the time I earned or spent them. I have the most updated versions of Flash, Java, and Internet Exlorer. What should I do?

      • I just tried your suggestion and it didn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, I can still see my oodles and tokens balances in the lower left corner of the screen, I just can’t see the transaction history when the window comes up.

        • It looks like it may only be happening in IE. The web team has been alerted and is looking in to it. If you have another browser, you should be able to see your transactions until this is resolved. If you have the same issue with a different browser, please let us know too. Thank you for your patience!

          • Just a “ditto”…I also cannot get my token and oodle transaction histories. I have the IE browser only and hope the team can resolve the problem soon. Thanks for working on it.

  3. I play Vegas Nights for oodles and now I love that I can play Vegas Nights 2 for cash. It’s a little different but just slightly. Right now I’m just playing the free games until I get the slight differences down.

    • I love love Swapit games!!! That’s why I’m so happy that you debuted the Vegas Night 2 cash competition version. There were some differences aside from the regular Vegas Nights oodle game. However, I haven’t played that debut yet since I’ve gotten my Vegas Nights 2 oodlectible.

      GSNAngel, I have some questions to ask about this debut here. Is it possible that you can make this new game an oodle game? I don’t play for cash at all and I’m not going to be a cash player in my hometown. I don’t gamble a lot especially where I don’t spend a lot of money on lotto tickets. If not, explain why the game developers can’t debut this and join the rest of the oodle games family? Also, I looked at the rules to this new game. However, they never explained how does a player increase the current multiplier? GSNAngel, does the player need to form at least a 4 match to increase the multiplier from like 3X to 4X?

      • Hi sanbull60, I’ve asked for clarification on the multiplier, and will let you know what comes back. I don’t know if it will ever be an Oodles game, but have passed that on too!

        • I want to second that i would love to see this game have a leaderboard for oodles. As for the multiplier it’s kind of like Vegas Nights. There is an arrow in the lower left corner. Making matches quickly fills up the arrow and when it reaches the top you gain 1x. The bigger the matches and the faster you go the faster it levels. At least that’s what it looks like to me:)

  4. Hi Angel, I’m enjoying playing both versions of the game, however, I know GSN needs to advertise, but why the NUDITY, not everyone wants/likes to see that stuff while enjoying the game.

  5. I’m having a really big problem with the Vegas Nights 2 game for cash…It never loads. I’ve tried quite a few times. It’s really frustrating because I want to play to get the rewards points, but I can’t complete the promotion due to issues with it never loading. 🙁

  6. There is a special today for you to play so many games of vegas nights 2 and get 1000 reward points. Is states you must play the games for a minimum of 25 cents however, there are no 25 cent games to play in vegas nights! If there are I sure can’t find them. Not ever being a big gambler, this sounded good to me!

  7. Sept.23/13
    Another day where there are 4 competitons open for the cash side and no way to win oodles. I guess you’re trying to force us to go to the cash side? NOT going to happen.
    I’m starting to get discouraged. Last week, if I remember correctly, there was one competition to win oodles. Any other comments on this subject?

  8. Too many Cash Games ! I wish there was a way for all the cash games to also offer either Oodles or Tokens to play as I Cannot play the Cash games. I live in Arkansas (love the seasons and cost of living ! lol); therefore, I cannot sign up for the Cash games and I’m sure that your followers that live in the other states that also don’t allow it, are equally frustrated. Any ideas or thoughts on this???

  9. I would have liked to have had Vegas Nights 2 replace the current Vegas Nights as a oodles game and have Vegas Nights 2 as a game of the week promotion.

  10. Hello GSNAngel!!! I played Vegas Nights 2 and this game is awesome!!! I played some games and I’m actually good at this debut. Did the gaming department say they’ll make the Vegas Nights 2 an oodles game or not? If they approved it, what date will the new game alert debut as a permanent oodles game? If you got an answer from them and they say no to my request. Can you explain why they can’t make this as an oodles game to players?

    Angel, did they say I have to get at least 4 non cherry matches to increase the current multiplier? If no, did they say I have to make the meter full in order to move to the next multiplier? Because on the regular Vegas Nights oodles game, the multiplier increases if I get at least 4 items matched. Vegas Nights 2 has different elements that many players need to get used to this added cash game.

  11. the multi swap feature is impossible to use. the game does’t let you move a piece without creating a match which makes a total and removal. help.

    • Hi, please contact Player Services for account assistance. They can investigate this for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

    • Were you ever able to get this to work? It is impossible for me to get too. As quickly as I move it clears the pieces before I am done…this is frustrating

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