Wheel of Fortune® Slots Getting a Makeover!

Big news for Wheel of Fortune® Slots fans! We’re giving our most popular casino game a makeover and adding more ways to win than ever before.
  • Prize Collections: Score a high-value wedge upgrade for ALL mini-games. The value can increase and carry over from game to game!
  • Bonus Cities: Get an EXTRA bonus when you land on 4 – 5 Bonus Cities in a single spin.
Check your email for updates – we’ll be sure to let you know when the new version arrives!

145 thoughts on “Wheel of Fortune® Slots Getting a Makeover!

  1. hope it will be better..seems like when i unlocked everything i just about stopped winning. 1st day on GSN i started with 14k tokens within a few hours i built it to 880k then started losing like crazy…i did’nt spend a penny of real money but went from 14k tokens to 880k and back to zero within like 8 hours lol

    • It could be that you are using tokens to play games. I play games without using tokens and then win some when I am on a leader board. At first, it took me a month to do very well. Don’t forget the easy, high scoring Daily Break, Wonder Wheel (get more Wheel spins by playing Straws once a day), Trivia, Question of the Day (these 2 usually are not active on weekends. Click on Player Tab and the answer to one of the 2 is on the right hand side. M-F the Trivia and Question change more than once.)

      • thanks for the info…all that happened on my very 1st day on the GSN site so i did’nt know all the ins and outs. it was alot of fun taking the 14k tokens i got for signing up and quickly turning them into over 3/4 of a million tokens. was’nt so fun losing them lol, and i never bet over 3k a spin. some spins i won 100k in 1 spin alone. thanks again.

    • I agree with the first comment on this page. It seems as though the ability to get five jackpots in a row is next to nothing in all the games. The bigger you bet the worst your chances of winning become.
      All those thousands and 1500 tags on the wheel look really great too bad I can only land on fifty and seventy five. I may hit a three hundred if I play long enough and am really lucky.
      The games need to loosen up on tokens and actually let people win. If you do win and bet higher I feel I get punished for going “high stakes” and end up losing all my tokens. Should not be able to play fifty thousand much less a million tokens and not hit any jackpots or higher marked tags on the wheel. This goes for all the games.
      Once you make it through the bonus games it is like everything stops and you just lose tokens.

    • It’s not necessary for you to bet big to win big — I have over 2 million tokens and have never bought any — 750 is the max I bet — be loyal an log in everyday – you can win a lot of tokens logging in everyday —

      • I have a question, how the heck do you have over 2 million tokens and have never purchased any? I do log in everyday and have never had 2 million tokens. I don’t even have 2 million when I purchase them. ???

    • I only have one problem with wheel of fortune, no matter how many time’s you get to spin the wheel it is almost 100 percent of the time you will land on any amount between 50-250 I landed on a thousand 1 time and I was almost out of token’s so I got the 1,000 that really bother’s me, I usually play at least 300-750 token bet’s but I’ll be lucky if I land on 250 and I really believe some game’s are rigged

    • the new wheel of fortune game is a sham. what is the point of the bonus tiles if you only land on the 50 or 75? the old game was better. this new game just takes, doesn’t give anything back. doesn’t make the player feel like they have a chance. it is a real shame.

    • I agree you can’t get above 50-75 or 100 and forget about the extra spins even if you get them you don’t get any points I think we stood a better chance the other way. They have to loosen them up or I won’t be playing it much either

  2. I love the new WOF game, it is so much fun with the new updated features. It gives you something to work for and get excited about. A new wedge on the wheel. I played on Facebook when I couldn’t play here, I really don’t like playing on Facebook unless I have to. Change of subject; promotions generally credit tokens/oodles as soon as you complete them under MY GSN… to doodles. The new promotion Deuces Wild, 8/3-5/2013 (15 spins) 5,000 tokens/ 250 oodles isn’t being credited when completed. Will it credit after the 3 day promotion is done?? I checked my token & oodle balance sheet, logged out and closed my browser, but still not getting the credits???

    • I have not received mine either! They (GSN) could have been more explicit about this game because it says Completed – you won 5,000 tokens and 250 oodles, but I did not receive them!

      • I also have not received my bonus tokens several times.. I did get the chance to play the new Wheel of Fortune Slots and it is awesome, maybe I will actually get to win more often. GSN you do need to loosen up.

    • You aren’t alone. I noticed early this morning. It says completed but never got the oodles. It mentions more chances tommorow and Monday. Hopefully it’s fixed by then. I’d contact player services and see if they help. Don’t expect an answer from them until Monday at the earliest though.

      • I contacted player services but as you said won’t hear until Mon. probably when the promotion is over. I don’t know if it will be cumulative or what? Usually you get the tokens/oodles when it says completed in MY GSN tab?? Glad to hear I’m not alone. I hate to bother Player Services for stuff like this, we were able to talk in the forum, or GSNAngel would be able to get the answer.

        • mine just keeps spinning i haven’t heard anything and the promotion will be over they should have tested the new wheel of fortune before they used it in a promotion

      • “Tokens and Oodles will be credited to each eligible user’s account once the promotion has been completed.”

        They worded it horribly if the case is they credit you the tokens and oodles after the third day.

        • I was able to re-read the fine-print when the promotion came back up tonight and it’s confusing. This is one of the first times they’ve had a three part promotion, you don’t have to play every day, where the tokens/oodles won’t be awarded until the promotion ends. I thought the new and improved site was going to make it easier to have the tokens/oodles awarded when the task was complete. Depends on how you read and interpret the fine print what you come out of it with. You play two days you get 10,000 tokens/500 oodles? or none if you don’t play all 3 days? I assume you get what you complete, since on MY GSN, I get a completed award states 5000 tokens / 250 oodles each day I complete the Deuces Wild 15 games. It just won’t be posted until August 5th sometime???

    • Read the fine print: “Tokens and Oodles will be credited to each eligible user’s account once the promotion has been completed.”

    • On the Deuces Wild promo, I have yet to receive my tokens/oodles. I already contacted GSN Player Services on this yesterday. I hope to be rewarded on this tomorrow. I would advise all parties to do the same to assure one gets their oodles and tokens.


    • I have not received mine either — —- and as far as the slot games go I never bet more then 750 tokens and I win the same amount whether I play 1500 tokens or 750 — I have bet 750 and won 50,000 tokens on one spin – I now have over 2 million tokens and never have bought any ! It’s not necessary to bet a lot to win a lot !

  3. Don’t understand exactly what the “makeover” is gonna do…. What does the upgrade include? Like the bonus cities… is that gonna be a new minigame or just extra tokens? Or is it gonna be just extra spots on a reel to make it harder to win?

  4. I LOVED the old game of Wheel of Fortune. I DO NOT like this new game and probably will not play much as before…please change back!!!!!

    • The new game is pretty good. The fanfare is fun. But the board’s appearance is too busy. I like the clean layout of the old game. Sadly and most importantly, the pays values are cut in half and the big payouts are what I always liked with the old game. Guess they don’t want us to win (surprie, surprise). Plus doesn’t seem like the free spins come up as often. Love the free spins. And the free spins go so fast it’s hard to see whats been hit. One good thing is, the wins register faster. Yep, I vote for the old game, as a creature of habit.

  5. I now have this new version of wheel of fortune… I LOVE it. hope this game stays around. GSN come up with more slots with bonus games within the game. Thank you a Loyal player.

  6. I liked the new wheel of fortune at first. Played all day long with tokens. After you unlock all the wedges it stays like that and you get bonus tokens for the prize and yes it is harder to win more when you spin the wheel. It is also harder to win more tokens while playing the game. So lets all have fun and best of luck to all.

  7. As an avid WOF slots player, I’m not a big fan of the new Wheel of Fortune slots! Sorry! I honestly liked the old one better, but que sera sera. Encountered a problem with the new version this morning. I won a new wedge, but it wasn’t applied. 350x was suppose to replace the 200 wedge on the bonus wheel, but upon winning a spin on the bonus wheel I saw it hadn’t changed it. Also, like sdnels above, after playing the required 15 rounds of the current Dueces Wild promotion I wasn’t credited the 5000 tokens and 250 oodles.

  8. The promotion Deuces Wild, (15 spins) 5,000 tokens/ 250 oodles doesn’t credit when completed. Will it credit later? Logged out & back in, but still not getting the credits???

    • They have 2 different offers for the game Duces Wild !!! one is for today only 15 games for 5000 tokens and 250 oodles. The 2nd one is 3 days 15,000 tokens and 750 oodles. I completed the first task and I did not receive the credits due to me.either, in the second one it dose not even register in the promotions. You can play the new wheel of fortune on internet explorer, but I could not play it on firefox yet. The old one is still there. Because of the changes things are still wacky. So lets enjoy the mess durring construction, frustration and all!!!!

  9. This new version is terrible — can’t win for anything, and only unlocked one piece. Bring back the old version, PLEASE!

  10. Read on a 7/30 question about the token spinnrt wheel and in the FAQ’s in support that the wheel gives multiple spins on days 2 &3. Is this true? In ove ther year that I’ve been playing daily, I have never had the wheel spin more than once. Can you clarify?

    • I noticed that too. I thought it was just me. I’m averaging 2000 – 4000 tokens now when it used to be closer to 10,000. I thought we were supposed to be getting more, not less.

  11. I don’t like the graphics of the new game.
    The colors are too soft and the whole game is not as “sharp.”

    I know this sounds stupid and petty but for me THAT part of it is a loss.
    The game itself is enjoyable but I can’t say I like it better, I don’t. I’m going to miss
    WOF #1-Why not just make a #2 and leave #1 alone?
    Why fix things that aren’t broke?

  12. I agree with Mike Smith … If you win one big one on the WOF then they stop the wins … it’s hard to keep your tokens.

  13. I wish we could use tokens to enter sweepstakes and buy prises. also wish tokens could be converted to oodles.

  14. I, also, have not received bonus 5000 pts from the dueces wild game, & completed it a couple of hours ago. Planning to enter again tomorrow, hope it comes through by then.

  15. I played the dueces wild game and completed it, and I got no tokens! Where’s my 5000 tokens,it’s been two hours!

  16. I also played the deuces wild game this morning. I completed the required games and still have not been credited with the 5000 tokens nor the 250 oodles.

  17. I completed the promo for 5,000 tokens and 250 oodles. I didn’t get any after completing 15 games for the Saturday promo. I’ve sent my concern to GSNHelp and hopefully solve my issue to this promo. Unless GSNAngel can help us or you must do it like me. I have yet to get a reply back from GSNHelp.

  18. I also like the new wheel. but it does seem true that once you unlock wedges your chances of winning big on the wheel diminish. I have unlocked prizes then they relock again until you unlock all the wedges AGAIN ! I then noticed as well that the longer I played the less I was winning. However, I like the new WOF..

    • after totally unlocking everything i was lucky to win 1/5 of my bet if i won at all. i don’t think i ever hit 1000x or better on the bonus wheel maybe not even the 750x idr, much less any of the high ones i unlocked. it was fun while it lasted though.

  19. I emailed about this game and never got a full response. I loved this game but they only featured it for two days. Was wondering what happened to it. I got 1/2 way through and it vanished.

  20. I too was loving the new wheel , but alas it is gone. I use internet explorer not firefox, so I don’t think that is the issue. The credits and oodles will probably post on Monday after you complete that challenge. Happy Sunday all.

  21. Correction: Yesterday on here I said I had encountered a problem with the new WOF not applying a new 350x wedge I had won. Just found out I was wrong. I thought when I got the new wedge that it would be replacing the ‘200’ wedge on the bonus wheel, but what I discovered this morning is that it actually replaced the previous 200 (new) wedge I had won earlier. If all this sounds a bit confusing, join the club! I’ve been scratching my head ever since we got this new ‘Prize Collection’ thingy! Oh, and just for the record…the new wedges I won yesterday replaced the 50 and 75 wedges on the bonus wheel with 300x and (the now) 350x. But guess what? As often as we hit the 50 and 75 wedges on the bonus wheel, I have til yet to hit one of the NEW wedges! lol Love ya GSN, but I sure don’t love this new WOF slots! 🙂

    • Totally agree, I have not hit the larger amount new wedges, but keep landing on the 50 and 75 wedge……bit fishy if you ask me…..whats going on? Just for the record I have noticed a change in all casino games where the odds are certainly less.

  22. has any 1 got their oodles & tokens 4 today august 4th or yesterday august 3rd I didn’t e-mailed gsn haven’t heard back yet from them ( I hope I get them soon )

  23. where is my duece wild 5,000 tokens i played yesterday and again today it said completed but got no tokens whats up

  24. Is anyone having trouble with the new video bingo deluxe? I often am in the middle of a game or have just placed my token bet and “quit” pops up and I lose my bet or do not get credit for my win. This happens often. It has also happened on WOF bingo too. I have trouble with games freezing and I lose credit for my wins or tokens bet. Never had trouble before they started changing things around. GSN has been great about crediting me back tokens, but I am getting tired of having to notify them all the time.

    • Yup same things have happened to me. Just as the video bingo is ending, it freezes and all the bingo’s won are lost, including the initial bet to start.

  25. Love all the Bells & Whistles on the new WOF – paid out pretty good in beginning then the old WOF was back for awhile and now the new one again , but pay out doesn’t seem to be as good. Still have most of the “Locked” portion to complete though so don’t know how that part will work. I do like how you don’t lose your unlocked items when you leave the game. Don’t know how this will work in the long run though………..

  26. Awesome! 😉 I love the Facebook Look about W of F S I play the other one all the time on mobile casino. Thnx for the fun and exciting well done job GSN, this is gonna be great.

  27. hi played wheel of fortune slots started july 26 i betted 3,000 then 1,500 then 1,50 and a fews more times wheel started but stop spinning the reason my bet got smaller was checking to see if it was fix guess not

  28. I play WOF all the time & love it, #2 is all right with me. However, the new wedges do me no good whatsoever, as I have NEVER landed on one of them, despite hundreds of games. It is a fun game, but surely the winning is not right, as 90% of times, I am on 50 or maybe 100, when I get to spin the wheel.

  29. Now this time I’ve never got oodles and tokens from all 3 days. If I don’t get a response from GSNHelp, I’m emailing GSNAngel about this no crediting issue from Deuces Wild promos. They better pull their socks up and help the GSN gamers for good.

  30. On august 7 I was playing wheel, we I signed off I was up to 90000 tokens the next day I had only 42000, What happene to all the tokens haon?

  31. After reading some of the comments about the new WOF game, overall I would say that like it.somewhat better than the old version but remember GSN only makes money if you buy tokens. Point being if WOF isn’t paying after 20 spins you have an option to cash out before u loose 800,000 tokens, right. U can always play anothe game or come back to WOF at a later time and try again. Over all the change is good, but someone will always have a problem with changes. U just cannot satisfy EVERBODY?

      • Well, I have to disagree about only making money when we buy tokens. Do you know notice the millions of advertisements throughout?

    • well to us seeing we use real money to buy tokens and loose them in 10 min is a joke the pay out is more for GSN then the members here the real slots in Atlantic City pay out better then here if you want to keep people here playing then give a bone once in awhile not just crumbs and its not the change its the rip off that hurts loosing all the time does not keep people playing and its like that with all the games here just my opion

  32. Has anyone received the 15,000 tokens and 750 oodles promised after completing the 3 days of playing 15 games each day of deuces wild? I haven’t!!

  33. About the New Deuces wild game….We all should be getting our credited tokens after Midnight tonight. The promotions states that after the 5th which is today and you have completed each day of 15 games the tokens will be credited to our account. Meaning on the 6th we all should be seeing our earned tokens. Hope this was helpful. Now as for all the other comments regarding tokens and how they don’t last long, especially after you purchase them or etc…I understand. Been there done that.

  34. Although this is not a game to try to build your Token’s I do find it fun to play. I play for free anyway, so no big deal. I am excited to see how they make this one better. Can’t wait.

  35. Since they changed the Bingo, you lose more then you win. I won more on the old one. I like the old way better.

  36. I have to say that I like and don’t like the new WOF at the same time. While playing, I also never landed on the wedges I unlocked. I also noticed a problem with the autospin. It stops sometimes. Don’t know if anyone else had this problem. Aesthetically, I think the game looks great, but I have encountered technical issues with it. Also, don’t like the way they arranged the payoff in Deuces wild. I was expecting those tokens Saturday and planned my game playing around it. It messed me up to not get them. I hope this gets fixed.

  37. I thought I would be getting 15000 tokens for playing 3 days but today only 5000? This looks like a con but it could be a poorly (read ‘cunningly’) worded promotion

    • I also received 5000 tokens and 250 oodles after the third day of playing, so I contacted player services and received the other 10,000 tokens and 500 oodles the next day. I hope this makes you feel better. J.V.

  38. after winning big on scratch offs the winning dropped off too lol
    won 30k oodles on the 500 scratcher and 5k oodles on the 200
    and an observation..200 oodle scratcher 150 will double 300 won’t hit 500 once anything ending in 25 or 75 non winner and all the big amounts 1k through 4.5k i never saw matches on. still waiting for my 15k tokens and 750 oodles that email said was there

  39. Why does the new Wheel of Fortune slots have an auto spin option if every time you get a prize piece/city change or activate the bonus wheel it nullifies your auto spin? Seriously, when I did my daily spins for the current promotion a little bit ago I wasn’t able to make it through a single set of 25 spins without this happening. I hope this is just a glitch that will be fixed soon but in light of some of the recent changes (killing the message board, ending free promotions that pay out in reward points instead of oodles or tokens, and the new promotions page that in reality in nothing more than a long list of attempts to get us to spend actual cash) and what seems to be a snowballing issue with paying folks when they complete promotions (I haven’t had this problem personally yet but I figure it’s just a matter of time) I think it’s something GSN is just gonna make us live with.It’s amazing how quickly a site can go downhill when the bottom line becomes more important than keeping your users happy.

    P.S.-Could we please get some variation with the promotions??? I for one am getting really tired of playing the same 2-3 slot games over and over and over again.

  40. I have been really impressed with the new WOF slots until yesterday when I couldn’t access the game. I am still unable to to get in there to play the for the promotion that have going on right for the tokens everyday. Can someone please tell what is going on?

  41. I wish I knew what is going on with WOF, I have been trying to play it for two days for the promo but if just keeps spinning, I have tried everything they suggested but nothing works. I wish they would fix it in our area or bring the old WOF back. Judy in OKC

    • I agree, I have done everything they suggest and it still happens to me. It just spins and spins. But it takes your tokens, thats not having any problems.
      I have approx. 22,000 tokens lost since last complaint. You get tired of complaining, just fix the darn thing, please?
      Sorry your having the problem too. Someday it may get fixed instead of blaming our computers.
      I also had the same problem a few times of not getting in, but today I waited and 17 min. later it loaded. Guess it’s trying our patience. lol
      Good luck when you do get in.

  42. Hi..This has nothing to do with WOF (which I now don’t like) but….is anyone else having problems doing the daily wonder wheel? I just watched Terry and his diabetic nerve pain 6 times! Just closed it out, it doesn’t stop. Jeez, aside from the fact that there didn’t use to be a commercial there, now it doesn’t stop. This is the third time this has happened to me. If you’re going to throw tons of advertising at us, how about only one.

  43. Tried the new WOF again today and it is still the same just takes the tokens and keeps spinning, it was spinning for over 30 mins. not stopping or giving a error message, and I’ve tried everything they have suggested, last browser tried was the chrome. Please FIX. WOF was my favorite game.

  44. Just wondering……when Time Travel started, it was progressive (meaning if you left in Greece, you returned to Greece)….when you added the new locations (Victorian/50’s) you ALWAYS go back to 1984. Why not let it continue as the new Wheel of Fortune does????

  45. Ugh…so much for “standing corrected,” GSN. Was that one great night of mind-boggling winning on WOF yesterday an anomaly or a fluke in the system? Tonight’s WOF went back to the opposite end of the spectrum again – few wins, low payouts, and quick drain of my tokens in a few minutes. In fact, I initially had to drop to the minimum bet just to be able to complete the 100-spins promo. It’s nice to win big as I did the other night – that was unexpected & over the top. However, tonight even lowering my bet to merely maintain the game proved futile. I got kicked out of there real fast. It’s like feast or famine. I wish there was some consistency, like some happy-medium of being able to slowly build up your token account if you put in the time. Just my 2 cents…

  46. Is anybody else having trouble with the new wheel of fortune constantly just spinning
    and not stopping? then when you do finally close the game you lose your tokens.
    i have been having this problem for the last two days on both chome and internet explorer. these last couple of promotions by gsn have been nothing but trouble.

  47. Hello Everyone I Think WOF Slots Is tighter Than skin on a baseball I made it through All of my prize collection barely ,completed my promotions and still lost tokens Its no better than t he last one and every time I get to spin the wheel I land on the least amount tokens when I should doing well on this first go around They need to work more bugs out of this I like to play to so I guess shop around a while . See ya have fun. PepperZen

  48. I think the New Wheel of Fortune’s new make- over needs another new- make over because the game goes tooo fast & too fast taking tokens,sooo how bout another makeover for the makekover?..

  49. people, wake up!!! these people know what’s happening with the wheel of fortune game. I have been complaining about the old wheel of fortune when i was’nt getting the tokens i had won to the tune of over 700,000 tokens .If my multiplier was 500 (SPIN THE WHEEL) it only paid me for having a 50 multiplier. this happen over and over again.complained to player services they only rewarded me back 2000 tokens and how sorry they were. well sorry is a sorry word. Now on the new wof, if i if my multiplier is 10, 20, or 50 it pays right. if my multiplier is 100 or more the screen jumps up so big and you can’t even see the spin button to spin. if you get free spins it spins so fast you can’t see what you won and on the last spin even if you win you’re not rewarded the tokens you won. People complain and enough people are complaining about the same thing ; you would think they would shut the game down until they get it right. There is nothing wrong with your browser, it is something wrong with the game and they know it. I don’t mind losing Fair but i want to win fair too. there are plenty of honest gamesites out here. Use up game tokens or should i say let them take your tokens and carry your business somewhere else where people care about your business. I have no problem with any other game but wheel of fortune. I have unlocked everything on the board all prizes and wedges(12 WEDGES) and only four shows up on the wheel as being unlocked and you can only land on 50, 75, or 100 maybe 150, if you’re lucky out of over 300 spins.Please don’t tell me they don’t have this game rigged to pay less to have you buy more. this is a business so you need to handle your business. I know gambling is a risk, but i think your odds are better at a casino. And think about it people you play 15 lines and can only win on 1,2, or three lines at any time. Come on!!! Jesus gives you better odds then that on your sins.

    • this is so true sure we want GSN to have our money but let us give it freely and not have it rip off from us with a game that takes only and gives a little this is bad business and if this keeps up you wont have many people playing here just my 2 cents

      • I agree with everyones comments and I have voiced my opposition on the un fairness of what does appear to rig the odds.I also notice that if a jackpot or wedge does come, the spin keeps going past it… this is in most of the GSN casino games. As I said in an earlier post ……. fair is fair…..we take chance when betting ……BUT clearly this is fixed so badly ! I am close to closing down my account.

  50. I liked the old version of Wheel of Fortune Slots much better. The visuals seem just a little too ‘busy’ with the new one, especially the small wheels that start to rotate whenever I get a winning spin. I don’t think this is my favorite game anymore.

    • I’m sorry you were having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance so they can investigate. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page, then look for the green “contact support” button at the top of the help page. I’d recommend logging into your player name before contacting them so there is a record from your account you can access later if need be.

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