Updated Game Pay Out Concerns

Sometimes when we make an update to one of our games players express concern that the payout has changed. For instance, we recently made an update to Wheel of Fortune Slots and have been hearing from players that it was designed to decrease the payout to players. Β It was not. Like all Casino games, there are natural win and loss streaks, usual highs and lows, through the course of playing.

At GSN, we continually listen to feedback from our customers to improve the gaming experience.Β  We also monitor our games and payouts closely. Please know we’ve been listening to you and reading your posts and emails, and we’ve been sharing this feedback with our games team.


73 thoughts on “Updated Game Pay Out Concerns

  1. This morning in your trivia questions , we were asked What University was good will hunting filmed. It was actually filmed at several locations including MIT. However MIT is not a university.Harvard university was used for some scenes and the University of Toronto was used for the Dorm scenes. Since neither of these were one of the choices I guessed Boston u. since many scenes were in Boston. but i got it wrong. but you are wrong because MIT is a tech school not a university.

    • Hi Gloria, you’re correct, it had several filming locations, but none of the wrong answers (Boston, Brown, or Princeton) were among them. MIT is a private research university, it’s not a tech school. In the film, Will Hunting (Matt Damon) works as a janitor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

      • All fine well and good, yet the question wasn’t where he worked or what university the film was about, you asked where the filming took place.

        • Hi, the exact question was: “At what university was the 1997 hit movie Good Will Hunting filmed?” Out of the possible answers we gave, there was only one correct answer. I’m sorry if we confused you, but the answer was correct for the question.

  2. It does appear that the Wheel of Fortune game is rigged to decrease tokens. The Wheel Spin never, ever lands on the big numbers–mostly on 50 & 75–sometimes on 100 or 150. That’s my history for playing this game for weeks now. The spin never stops on the big payouts.

    • I agree with Tina–no big spins after winning the replacement wedge!!!! Also, when does this “visiting” stop with the same # of tokens every time?????

      • I agree, the more bonus amounts I earn the less I actually get the wheel to come up for a spin and then when it does, it’s almost always 50, 75 or 150. Never the big payouts.

        • The payouts on WHEEL definitely tighten up, the more wedges that are added to the WHEEL. I have played my fair share of the WHEEL prior to the change, and after the change and after this morning – I am convinced there is nothing ATTRACTIVE about the game to DRIVE my interest any longer in playing. Winning 10,000 tokens for every 100,000 tokens just doesn’t cut it in my book. Wheel spins have become few and far between and if you do get a spin after playing and losing SO MUCH – it is like a slap in the face to land on the 50 or 75.

          I may have the ability to land on every wedge I have earned – but I know I will NOT GET THE OPPORTUNITY to even try.

          • I have landed on the earned wedges.. just not at higher betting amounts. I land on them when I bet under 50 a spin. Keep spinning, it will happen.. It has happened to me a couple of times… May God Bless…

      • I will say after the wedges were added I hit my first 1000 spin. I have done a lot of spinning. But the down side, I was betting only a dollar at the time. The higher pay outs on the wheel seldom show up when you bet higher amounts as I love to do. I do agree that these are set up like a casino where we all know the odds are always against the player. There can be streaks, but seldom do they cover what you lost to get there. I suppose it is better to have a small pay out than no pay out at all. But if I really wanted casino odds, I would go to a casino.. guess I was hoping for more playing with only tokens. I can drop a half a million tokens on a game…I have done it twice now and it makes me mad every time.. LOL… GSN does a good job for us none the less… May God Bless….

  3. I strongly and respectively disagree about the payout not changing on Wheel of Fortune Slots…I play that as well as Deal or No Deal….both have recently changed the amount of payout DRASTICALLY. A week ago I had 10,000,000 tokens and since the “upgraded” changes my tokens have dropped below 150,000….that’s not a matter of natural wins or losses. I have to say I am very disappointed and probably will no longer buy more tokens because they are gone in a matter of a few hours of play…would go broke reloading constantly with tokens. Since I am sick, playing these games has been such an occupier of my time…I will have to find something to occupy my time.

    • I agree, the games are suppose to be a chance, but one minute you can have 10,000,000 tokens and the next minute you can have zero. I am done playing, as these games are rigged and not fun anymore. Once in a blue moon you might hit 1,000 on the Wheel of Fortune, but then within a few minutes, you loose all you won.

  4. if the WOF was updated its worst then ever in the pay out i will not spend any more money on tokens just to get rip off in a matter of min also the bonus wheel don’t work right it lands on a number and then jumps to the next one with a lower pay out whats with this to me this tells me its rig to win for the house and not the players and a lot of other game are the same i know GSN wants to make money but come on now let us have a chance to build our account with tokens wins your going to get it all back any way in the long run

    • I agree 100% ……….and stated so in a comment a few days ago which, by the way, has not been posted or visible?????? Why is that ???

      • Charlene, I definitely remember seeing a post from you. Was it the one you mentioned two accounts? I thought I approved it but am unable to find it either. I may have inadvertently deleted it with spam posts. I sincerely apologize. (I’m still getting used to this new platform).

  5. Hello to all players. As I have stated before the new WOF slot is not paying out the same as before. I understand that GSN is out to make money, just take a look at the chachingo game, after it got up to a huge amount us players now have to watch a ad just to lock in our numbers. Every time that ad is watched who do you think gets paid? I play on 2 accounts on GSN, and when I first signed up I was buying tokens all the time, and hitting big payouts, it felt unbelievable.That is why I kept spending money.(which is what GSN wants), but after feeling robbed, for weeks now I haven’t spent nothing. It is all about the feeling. It doesn’t cost GSN anything to “loosen” the games up. I will admit GSN was kind of enough to “donate” 100,000 tokens into my account after I complained in this forum. BTW,that was appreciated very much, THANK YOU!!!
    It doesn’t cost them anything to give tokens out. I have been to many casinos in my time and understand that luck is involved, but casinos know they have to “give” in order to eventually “get”. Ultimately the house always wins. I accept that, but I don’t want to feel robbed. I will say at times I have played reckless in betting amounts, but since I haven’t spent any money, I have played very safe. Still the same result. Gsn Angel thank you for giving us players a forum to “vent” our frustrations and listening to us (me), but like the other player stated I respectfully disagree with the “natural win/loss streaks, usual high and lows through the course of playing” statement. Especially when the game was playing one way, and now playing completely different. That is not only my opinion, but other players have caught on as well. Once again thank you.

    • These are games of chance. Flip a quarter 100 times and it comes up heads about fifty times; however you might get tails 10 times in a row before it evens out. You can never really beat a game of chance as the odds are even at best,( but not when you bet 15 rows at one hundred tokens a spin) eventually you get to even so quitting while you are up is the key. I decrease my bet to the very low side and when I get on a machine paying streak I increase the odds. When I get I big payout I quit that game and play a different game and repeat the cycle. Is there a slot game here that has a jackpot that accumulates, if so let me know…..

  6. The players that have lost 10,000,000 tokens had to have won these by betting very high tokens per spin in a short time. If players keep playing like this, then yes the games will take them back as quickly as they paid them. If they play in a live casino they will experience the same thing. As far as the payouts dropping, I have notice this not to be true. When betting 7,500 tokens a spin compared to 50+ thousand the payouts are less, but when the game is not hitting you loss less over time untill the game starts back paying. With that said, it is my experince that the payouts accually are better with the new WOF.

    • I am the player who lost the 10,000,000 tokens…I was mostly betting b 7500 tokens….once in a while 15,000….never over. I have seen significant loss betting the same amount….it was a drastic change. I managed to build my token level up because I hit a few lucky hits on video poker for mega bingo….even that game has stopped paying out….the entire site has drastically lowered it’s payout so it had nothing to do with the amount I was betting….especially to lose in a matter of a few days

      • this is so true a lot of the games are starting to do this and if it keeps up im out of here and its sad i like playing the games but not when i have to loose all the time

      • Wow….I can’t imagine losing 10,000,000 tokens. I get my knickers in a twist over losing 100,000! If I’m lucky, I can manage to build up my account to 100,000 per session, and 200,000 is about the highest I think I’ve ever reached using the freebie tokens. I usually bet between 75-300 per spin, which isn’t much, and I still manage to lose at some point. There seems to be a ‘peak’ payoff in the game, predicated upon how long you’ve been playing per session/night. Whether you bet a little or a lot, at some point this ‘peak’ kicks in, and stops paying out. You’re then doomed, on this downhill losing streak until that bubble pops up asking if you want to change your bet or…purchase tokens. πŸ˜‰ lol I suspect the key is knowing when to quit the game once that ‘peak’ kicks in.

  7. I agree with the other players, with the WOF I had a 100,000 tokens played WOF all my tokens where gone in about fifthteen minutes. WOW

  8. The payouts really have changed horribly. I went from having 10 and a half million tokens yesterday to a mesely 1,400 tokens today. Payouts have severely gone way down even when betting the smaller amounts.

  9. Has anyone else experienced the WOF screen maximize beyond use? I mean if I change the bet amount down from the starting $1000/line, the screen gets huge. You can play it until you actually hit a spin on the wheel, then you can’t get to the spin button to push it. I have lost several times because of this, because all you can do is close out of GSN. Wondered if anyone else saw that too?

  10. WOF has changed to the worst I agree, and now the New 777’s is not what we were hoping for either!!! It is boring, NO good payouts and all the good ones fall on the No pay line center… with only one triple sign that barely makes a difference, if at all. The new 7,000 token , 7 day game leaves you with less then you start too….what fun is that??? I don’t have extra money to buy tokens so my challenge is to win them so I can brag about it and invite my friends to GSN. Well their not winning either and some have already said forget this and left, I’m now playing on other sites too and might not come back… I understand the hit or miss on games, BUT NOT EVERY GAME ON THE GSN SITE!!!!!

  11. Example players, today I had 142,500 tokens, played 3000 a spin, within 10 minutes I had 0 tokens. here is the break down, in the whole 10 minutes playing, spin after spin, 2 big wheel spins,1 hit the 50, the other hit the 75.Oh, btw I have EVERY thing unlocked. The free spins zero.Now, to all the other players that are going to say “why was she betting 3000”, it shouldn’t matter how much you specifically bet. You should still win with the same consistancy if you bet 50 tokens or 5000. More betting should equal higher payouts when you hit,equal longer playing.It should balance itself out.But it doesn’t because the programmers have tilted the game to much against the players. I have stated this before, I question ethics here. GSN is promoting the WOF like crazy, and if you notice the ads show the 1000x,1500x, but you never hit on them. I am not shocked that out of all the replies on here only 1 or 2 have said the game is fair.Notice how the forum doesn’t have players pumping the game up? Im just saying…..

  12. Today about 3pm I played 100 spins on 777 slots, I looked everywhere and there was not any 7,000 tokens. Now, how will I prove I l played?

    • Hi, I’m showing you were credited your 7,000 Tokens on 8/29 at 3:37 am ET, so if you played again at 3pm ET you had already earned today’s Tokens. An opportunity to earn another 7,000 Tokens starts tonight at Midnight ET.

      Look for “Classic 777 Slots 8/29” under description in your Token transactions at MY GSN. Click the gold briefcase that says “My Tokens,” Once the Token transaction window is open, click on “Review Full Transaction History” in the upper right hand corner of that page. It allows you to do a longer search, adjusting dates,

    • You have to spin it one or two times more for the tokens to show up. Sorry, but that is what I have had to do. But there is a recored I am sure under your token summary… May God Bless…

  13. I totally agree WOF slots and 777’s slots are good reason not to waste your money, if this is the odds in Vegas thanks GSN for showing me what happens in Vegas. I’ll be looking for another site also.

  14. Hello Angel, πŸ™‚
    I am moving off the beaten path here as I have a couple of questions I would like to ask. Now I realize that I SHOULD know the answers; but alas, I don’t.
    First; located in the lower left hand corner of Wheel of Fortune, as well as nearly all of the other games, are two notices; one says “pay table” and the other “cash out”. I have never clicked on either of these buttons, fearful that I may be end up losing my tokens. At any rate can you tell me what those buttons are for and/or what I can expect to happen if I accidentally clicked on one? Many thanks, you hard work’in gal! πŸ™‚
    BTW, Please don’t allow all of this moaning and groaning to get you down. I am sure everyone here knows that whatever’s going on with GSN ISN’T your fault!:) ( Unhappily, though, I do have to jump on the band wagon with everyone else re: decreased payouts.) Do have a lovely and restful weekend.

    • Good morning! Pay Table shows you what the payouts are in the game. it’s a good one to click. Cash Out just means leaving the game, like closing it. No Tokens lost for either. πŸ™‚

      • Good afternoon angel,
        Thank you so much for your timely information.:) I do hope another query won’t be too much of an annoyance.
        In lieu of your response to the “cash out”, made me wonder; since I wasn’t ‘cashing out’ and simply clicking on the “All Games” button in order to change games, will the game I was playing think that I am just continuing the game when I return to it? The reason I ask is that the longer I seem to play many of the games, the odds of winning more than I started with or just break even seem to diminish very quickly. Unlike most of the folks I’ve folks I’ve heard tell here, I am an extremely conservative player and if I win a couple of thousand tokens more than I started with, I switch over to another game. This seems to work much better after I have quit playing and then log back in at a later date, which again makes me wonder if the game/s are keeping track of how long I’m logged into their ‘play time’ unless I “cash out” one way or perhaps another?
        While I’m here I may as well note (along with some others) that the new 7,000 token promotion for playing the new slot game is rather misleading. I have yet to play any game for 100 spins without losing tokens. So while I may get the 7,000 tokens, it may well cost me a goodly number of tokens in the process. On the brighter side, however, if we choose to play ‘gambling’ games, we must learn to accept the fact that there is no such word as “fair”. The word gambling itself means to “risk”; or “an undertaking of an uncertain outcome”. Personally, I enjoy a number of gambling games, but I have learned not to take them too seriously, not to get greedy and not to bet more than I can afford to lose. It’s fun to win, but it’s also a personal victory to lose and not allow it to upset me. My intent is to have some downtime fun. GSN has presented me with that opportunity and it is up to me to make it work. πŸ™‚ Many thanks!

          • The truth is it’s really not that important. I was just curious. In the meantime, I’m having a good time playing the games I enjoy. I think the “makers” have done a terrific job setting up this site both aesthetically, which is very appealing (including making the games large enough that one doesn’t have to ‘squint’ to keep track of what’s going on), and broad enough in scope so that most everyone can find something they can enjoy playing. In fact, there are a lot of things I enjoy about this site that keep me looking forward to coming back. It’s like a little amusement park for the mind. πŸ™‚ It’s also delightful having you available to speak with and to pass on concerns and ideas from the players. Please pass on my sincere compliments!

  15. whats with the Vido Bingo the game never hits bingo you want players to spend money for tokens but it looks like all your games just take the tokens and almost never win big in your games to build our account fix the games so we can win sometimes and not make it for the house to win all the time you got to give a little to get back a little people are not going to spend money just to loose tokens all the time in a matter of min

    • I agree, GSN is certainly not considering their customers concerns, as WOF and most other games, esp video bingo deluxe, still have horrible odds and its not much fun anymore !! Too bad I guess !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hi Charlene,

        While it may seem that the odds have gotten worse, they actually haven’t. We do appreciate your comments and are actively listening to what players have to say and reporting feedback to the folks who make the games.

        • I don’t know how it can be said the odds have not gotten worse. How do you go from playing with 10,000,000 tokens and having them last for weeks then all of a sudden in a matter of a few days things have changed and the tokens are gone? Why are there increasing inquiries about this? Video Bingo Deluxe, WOF Slots, Deal or no Deal Slots….all are not paying as they used to….it is an insult simply to say that payouts have not changed….they have. I could justify if it were up and down, but none of the payouts over a course of days, now weeks, were changed dramatically…even when winning a payout, those have decreased dramatically. I think this should be addressed and be honest with those of us spending money to be on the site. Thank you.

  16. I’m sorry but I have to get on the bandwagon for the new 777’s game…I also agree that the payouts are horrible !! I have also lost tokens and am starting over BUT I have discovered the key is to bet 2 per payline for a 30 bet…I actually came out ahead by 1000; plus the 7000…Just keep it a low, low bet to get thru your 100 spins…collect the tokens and leave the game…You will NOT come out ahead in this game and build up your tokens…which is why I won’t play it anymore after the promotion is thru..It’s too bad for a new game…and there is not 1 comment saying how great it is, they won, and they were able to build their tokens up. Sorry but need an overhaul on it for me to play it again…And “yes” the new WOF is the same way…keep your bets low..and you can increase slowly….Sad situation when I’m building up my tokens by playing Bingo !!! Thank you for letting me vent..

    • I agree. And yes, having to keep the bets low is boring. It makes the games less fun. and I understand they say nothing has changed, but I too noticed a bit of a change about the time the push happened to sell tokens. Things have not been the same since. And I agree, not nearly as much fun as it used to be.

      I am disabled and my therapist said playing games was good for me and I should doing it to keep my mind busy so I do. I like this site better than some I have tried, but I did notice when it changed. Sorry to see that happen to such a great site. But still the best game site I have found thus far. …Love coming here to play each day. I have friends here that play and well, I enjoy a challenge too. .. Thank you to all the wonderful players out there that have not turned down my challege… May God Bless…

  17. I am fairly new here…maybe a month so not sure where to ask my question. I read the rules and it says Canadians can win. I have yet to see a winner from anywhere other than the US. I play the games for tokens but enter the daily $250. sweeps. Once I get better at the games I might consider playing for cash, but not if I can’t win!

    Also, what does “website” mean. Isn’t everyone on GSN?

    • Hi cheri900, we’ve had Canadian winners too. Where you live does not figure into your chances of winning. Website means the actual http://www.gsn.com site. We need to clarify that for promos and such since we also have mobile and Facebook games.

  18. *sigh*….thanks for another short but sweet round of games. πŸ™ I guess I should feel lucky I lasted an hour. I’m tellin’ ya…you gotta change the loss/win ratio of player to house. The odds are too stacked against the player, and it doesn’t encourage a person to want to buy tokens if a similar losing pattern emerges in other games. Even if the odds are in favor of the house, at least I want to feel that my choosing to raise or lower my bet while playing can be a deciding factor of whether the program drains all my tokens, especially while riding out a low cycle in a game. But, no, it seems that the program now also adjusts to the strategy of a player anticipating a losing cycle. If I lower my bet, it’s just a slow death, and if I raise it, I merely bring the game to an faster end.

  19. As for 777 slots, You may want to do what I do, I come out ahead everytime. I play 15, 30 and 75. After it goes a couple times without a win, I jump to 750 or so and win everytime. Try it, it works for me, and hope it does for you. On 15 tonight, I won 9,000 tokens. So it does hit on the smaller bids.
    Hope you all try the lower amounts on 777 and see your winnings go up, NOT down.
    Have fun playing.

  20. I totally agree with all the complaints. I started with 2,000,000 tokens and am down to 50,000. And I always bet low. I have not had a winning hand in a while. The site takes our money but never gives us an incentive for all the money they get from us. The games don’t have big payouts anymore. Not much fun to play. Its not fun to keep spending money for tokens and losing all the time. πŸ™

  21. I think the tokens game that has the worst payout is Triple Play Blackjack. That is the game where the majority of my 10 million tokens in losses last Tuesday occured. Video Bingo Deluxe has had worse payouts lately as well but not as bad as Triple Play Blackjack. I can’t really say anything about the win/loss ratio for WOF Slots as the only slots game I actually enjoy is Time Travel Slots.


    • Hi, please contact Player Services so they can investigate for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

    • GSN angel
      Gsn casino games is a rip off. MILLIONS of tokens have been take a from me since April of 2014. I have contacted all that can be reached to no avail. I’m given a ticket # From player svc, with no respond back to me.
      May be if everyone stop playing, GSN will stop taking our TOKENS . LOC, Tuscaloosa,AL

  23. Did you notice also, when you pay “auto spin” 25 turns, you NEVER hit the first 5 or 6.

    Its so rigged its funny. Its all for fun, so I guess I cant complain, I just feel bad for the people who really give their money to this site or app.

    Why would you waste your real money? For what? Go play real bingo at the church or go to the casino, but this game is so rigged, its not “is it” ,,,,its HOW BAD “is it”.

    Still fun to kill time, but… nothing more.

  24. this morning I purchased the $29.99 token package. It should have given me 250,000 tokens….I already had 501,000 plus tokens in my bank. the purchase should have given me 751,000 plus tokes in my bank instead I ended up with 453,000. what’s up with that. and to top it off they took the 29.99 out of my bank account. then I get on my phone to report an issue….got thru all the crap…and submit only to get webpage not there.????

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance, they will be happy to look in to this for you. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  25. Hi Angel,
    You recently had a tutorial during which you discussed watching ads on the Daily Bonus as well as the Token Monkeys. I previously asked if this situation would be resolved for MAC users as I have been unable to avail myself of earning tokens since the beginning of April. I had hoped by now some resolution would have occurred. Do you know if there will be a resolution or if there are any plans to create opportunities to earn tokens for MAC users? I just think the site should be fair for all players as it is an enjoyable games site. Thanks.

    • Hi Paula, there already is an option to turn off music, and sound. Look for the settings button, which looks like a little blue gear, near the upper right hand corner of the game. Click on it and click on the music note symbol to turn off the music.

        • Hi Paula,

          If you turned off all of the sound, that’s likely the reason. Make sure your volume is up enough to hear, and that the sound is turned on. If that doesn’t work, please contact our Player Services folks by clicking “GSN Help” link at the top of the page. πŸ™‚

          GSN Scoop

  26. I started playing Video early today, spent hours to get some of my tokens back on bonus, there is one video , says sorry, don’t work, time after time, I am owed about 30,000 tokens from it and also one is only half screen showing. Why do we have to have vidoes that don’t work? bad now we have 6 to 8 min. long Vidoes showing up. Who is got that kind of time?

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      This sounds like something our Player Services folks might be able to address. Please contact them by clicking the “GSN Help” link at the top of the page. πŸ™‚

      GSN Scoop

    • Hi Oldups,

      I know it can be a bummer when the Daily Sweepstakes amount is lowered and I’m sorry! There’s still opportunities for $100 wins though and the jackpot is up for grabs every day in ChaChingo Bingo. We’re always looking for new fun ways to win and will run some player-suggested prizes soon, so stay tuned and keep the feedback coming. – GSN Scoop

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