The New Wheel of Fortune Slots is Here!

Our best just got better. Wheel of Fortuneยฎ Slots now has more ways to win than ever before. Spin for Prize Collections, Bonus Cities and the millions – actually, billions – of Tokens that are up for grabs.

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79 thoughts on “The New Wheel of Fortune Slots is Here!

    • If you notice on top of the WOF, you’ll see each of them tell you a city that you need to gather all four or five on them when you are spinning. Once you get all four or five, of the name cities, it will unlock a prize. Each citizes represent, a luxury home, vacation, car, and home, and when you unlock any one of them, it will give you another city to look out for. If you unlock all of the prizes on one row, you’ll earn a special bonus wheel of fortune spin slot. This is good because it can increase your chances of earning more tokens, but only if you’re lucky to land on three spins for Wheel of Fortunate, depending on your select bet, and have luck spinning the wheel to land on that bonus special slot. Then the process starts over for that row you just completed. In order to have unlock all the bonus special WOF slots, you need to re-unlock all the same cities rows again. The good news they’ll be there the next time you decide to be play WOF! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Opps, I meant for the prize collection they make you unlock: automobiles, dream vacations, water craft, and luxury homes.

      • Yes, it is actually WAY BETTER than last version and has more chances for you to win. Like mentioned above, having your “unlocked city bonuses” and city you were on before leaving the game SAVED FOR THE NEXT TIME YOU PLAY IS SO AWESOME! ๐Ÿ™‚ New things are hard to get used to, but hopefully you will play and give it a little time and you’ll see just how much better it really is! I think that is why they did the five day promo, so people could play, win tokens after hundred spins, and check out new version!? Please give it a little time… Personally I’m not a slots playing person, but it really is a great game to win at- even at 15lines at 1 bet per line equaling 15 total tokens per spin- I still ended up winning each day! And that was before bonus tokens for promo were added! ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you truly don’t like it, GSN has sooo many more games for you to play, but trust me that the new WOF is def better than last! Have a great night/day! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • the only problem is you never land on any of the special slots! its ALWAYS 50 75 0r sometimes 100!!! Once you get all the homes cars & etc then what???

    • I agree. Really hate the new game. You cannot win if your life depended on it. But I have noticed, for at least, the last 2 weeks it applies across the board. Think it is because the ChaChingo Bingo is so high, people are staying on and they are taking advantage of that. Oh well, that was my favorite game and now don’t really have a reason to stay on much or spend money that I shouldn’t be spending. Too bad, it was fun for me.

      • I love the new WOF. I started with 25,000 tokens and ran it up to 6 and a half millon tokens in two hours. That’s twice as high as I ever ran them up.

  1. Love the look of the new Wheel of Fortune Slots, but the only problem I have is when it starts to spin it does not stop, I tried two 750 token spins and lost the tokens because it would not stop spinning, Please fix.

    • I have yet to play and get the wheels to stop. I have tried several times and lost every bet. I am down to bet of 2 per line, to avoid losing lots of tokens. Have had to quit every time with wheels still spinning.

  2. i want everything relocked i won more often then lol…seems to almost lock up on the mini game but the slot part spins really fast..did’nt visiting a city used to give 2000? now it’s 1000? i finally hit the 750x but the next 2 (when it started slowing down) x75 and x50…i unlocked everything for what now?

  3. I played the new Wheel of Fortuned this morning and the wheel just keeps spinning…it never stops Is anyone else having the same issue or is it just me?

  4. hi all just played the new WOF and very sad to say the game does not pay out enough and when you unlock the wedges the wheel never stops on it and what the sense of the unlock items when you never get the wheel on the board its like you have to spin 50 times for it to hit and when it does it always lands on 50/or 75/ or 100 and never on the big numbers also when playing the game it keeps spinning and you loose the tokens this game need a lot of fixing if you want us to keep playing it for us to spend real money to buy tokens and not win any real prizes just tokens and loose them in a matter of min. is not cool the pay out should be more or chances of winning should be more to the members and not for the house so much as a paying customer its just my opinion

  5. is it me or are you not winning as much on the new the wheel of fortune and when you get the free spin you do not win at all bring back the old one

  6. I love the new Wheel of Fortune! It’s more like you’re playing in a casino. I ‘m confused about the prize board though.

    • When you land on the cities that is chosen for you, you will be able to click on the prize envelopes, and it will give you random tokens. From there, it will take you to the prize collection and unlock one the of the prizes. Each cities represents-luxury homes, dream vacations, auto cars, and cruise boats. You’ll also notice wedgers with tokens on them ex. 300x Those wedgers will be unlocks once you’ve unlock all of the prizes on the same row–five of them for each four rows right. These wedgers will be added to your wheel of fortunate spins when you land on all three wheels. After the selected row is completed, it will lock again, and you got to redo it all over again to get the 2nd and 3rd wedgers to unlock. I hope this helps!

  7. There is a glitch on the current WoF game.

    1) I had this game on Auto Spin. When I receive either free spins a free spin on the WoF wheel, the auto spin feature automatically zeroes out on me. I don’t know if others are experiencing this.
    In regards to the slots keeping on spinning, there were several spins when either the last 2 or last 3 sections kept on spinning for several more seconds before stopping.

    I did play this on Chrome.

  8. Mine stopped sometimes; seemed kind of out of sorts though……… How do you get the special locked items open?

  9. I don’t like that when ever you get a free spin, play the mini game, or unlock a prize it stops the auto spin. Its really frustrating when you’re trying to keep track of how many spins you’ve done.

    • This I totally agree on! Then you have to back out to promos section just to see how many spins you have! Please look into this as I’m not the only one having this issue that could probably be an easy fix for the genius GSN Web Team! Lol!

      And the last two slots spinning for longer amount of time than other ones seems to be an issue now and then, but I can live with that… ๐Ÿ™‚ but since I noticed others are having same issue, thought I’d bring it up as well.

      Using Google Chrome Browser, so don’t know if that has anything to do with it as most “casino games” and especially “cash games” **must** be played on Internet Explorer, which I’m currently having problems with on both desktop and laptop! ๐Ÿ™

      ….. So until I get it looked at, maybe the GSN TEAM could switch some more games to be played on “GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER” – instead of just “INTERNET EXPLORER”??? (please?! Lol!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. The new WOF went blank on me during the game and said I needed to update flashplayer, which I had just done 3 days prior. Went back in and all was fine. The other thing I noticed is when you get the bonus spin or anything that takes you to another part of the game, if you play on auto spin, it doesn’t go back to auto and you have to set it up again. Gets kind of annoying after a while…

  11. I, for one, love the new Wheel of Fortune. Very few problems and love the added bonuses…I much prefer it to the older version.
    Please keep updating the other slots also! Much prefer the new Video Bingo over the older version. Keep the updated versions coming!!!

  12. I’ve tried to play WOF Slots several times and the wheel never stops spinning. This is my favorite game, PLEASE fix it

  13. I have had the same problem. They changed the game to match the one on facebook gsn. i quit playing that one because it just spins and takes your tokens even when it messes up. I used to love this game but it’s not as fun when it messes up.

  14. I tried to play the new Wheel of Fortune slots and it just keeps spinning and doesnt stop causing me to just loose my coins. Please fix the errors, I didnt have this problem before!

  15. Same comment as others – the wheel locks and keeps spinning. As far as the new site….Nice sparkly pastel colors, but all that glitters isn’t gold. Despite the add’l ‘Prize Collection’ bonus, my wheel spins continued to land on either $50, $75 or if I’m lucky, $100-$150. I never landed on any of the upgraded ‘sparkly’ prize amounts. If anything, I noticed I won less – and a lot less faster. Only during the promo spins did the game pay out, but as soon as the promo was complete, I lost all my tokens within a few minutes. It appears with the new game, it is impossible to build up your acct.

  16. When they Wheel of Fortune fixed finally, I wonder if they will give us the chance to earn the tokens for playing the games, missed out on the ones for yesterday and now it looks like I will be missing out on the ones for today.. Anyone else wondering the same?

  17. Yep … having problems with the new WOF here also. Keep getting the annoying “Fiddlesticks” error message every 4 or 5 spins. Have tried in 2 different browsers with the same result. Perhaps not a good idea to run a promotion on a game that still hasn’t had the bugs fixed yet???

  18. I love the new look of the Wheel of Fortune Slots. It’s fun trying to open the locks. Also, the graphics are great. All in all, it’s super. I even managed to win some tokens.
    Fortunately, I haven’t had any problems.

    Good job GSN!

  19. Ditto. this ne wheel of fortune game sounds interesting but i have not bbeen able to play it as well because the wheel does not stop spinning. therefore we cannot take advantage of the l00 spins to collect tokens. this promotion should start over when you fix the game so everybody can play

  20. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all of your comments about the new WOF Slots game that was updated yesterday. The comments have been forwarded to the Game Developers for further review. If you are having difficulties with the game loading/freezing/spinning and not stopping then please give these general tips a shot:

    – restart your computer
    – try a different web browser
    – update the Flash player installed on your computer – you can download the latest version of Flash by going to this url:

    If you continue to have difficulties after trying the steps above then please submit a ticket to Player Services for additional investigation and assistance.

  21. Hi I contacted Player Services AGAIN for Video Deluxe Bingo. My continued correspondence is due to purchasing extra wild balls and not receiving any. It states you can get” up to” three extra balls. In my language that seems to mean at least one!! Well, I have just been informed by Players Services that there is “NO GUARANTEE” you will receive any! Well that’s not what the description box says. I am very disappointed in this and misleading their customers. I did send a e-mail to Players Services regarding this.

  22. I have not been able to use the WOF slots since early yesterday. I just want to be able to play the games to earn the extra tokens that we should be able to get. I click on the game and it acts like it is going to start then all of a sudden the screen goes black. Please get this fixed.

    Thank you

  23. I have found that it is some of the advertizements that make the wheels get stuck spinning, but if I’m patient, it will stop after a little while. Don’t know why you think if is drab and uncolorful, mine looks terrific! I don’t want the old one back. I have also landed on the higher amounts on the wheel several times. Remember, they call it gambling because you don’t always win the big one.

  24. Well….I didn’t think I could be any more frustrated with this game than yesterday, but tonight proved it is possible. I still got frozen spinning reels and it had to happen on a ‘free spin’ round, which seldom come around with this newer version. Also, really dislike that ‘teaser’ sound affect on the ‘free spin’ to psyche you into NOT lowering your bet cause you think it’s gonna ‘hit’. And that ‘revving motor’ sound that delays the last 2 reels from stopping serves no purpose. Also noticed I never won when that delay kicks in.

    Overall, there was less – less of every possible kind of ‘win’. Less ‘free plays’ with smaller pay-outs, less or no multiple ‘free play’ spins, seldom any wheel spins with, again, $50, $75 or $100 being the standard payout. I’ve still have yet to land on any of the new glittery higher ‘upgrade’ jackpots. If it’s a consolation, I didn’t get one ‘fiddlesticks’ message tonight. :/

  25. I’m very sad about the game change. This was my favorite ‘go to’ game and where I spent most money on tokens. I’ve play for hours and hours. Guess all things must come to an end though. It has ended for me.

  26. 10 free spins and not one damn token 3 spins and not one token 4 spins and not one token. Really makes me want to buy tokens!!


  28. and another thing tired of it raising my bet when i leave game then re-enter…i looked up and noticed i had a lot less tokens then i looked down and my bet was jacked up…not cool

  29. also game seems to work better on chrome than IE for me…if i remember i’ll make a video and post to youtube where i will pick out the times amount of the wheel spin multiplier game before the wheel stops. i bet i will guess correctly most of the time..TBH i have hit the x750 once and the x1000 twice both with low bets. worst was during the 100 spins i was betting low 30 per spin and hit 5 jackpots lol paid out 2016 tokens lol

  30. I hate the graphics and I hate the resetting of my auto spin after a mini game is played. We are now wasting tokens when using auto spin. The old version I set my auto spin and I could multi task and not worry about where the auto spin left off after a mini game. Not the case with the new version.

  31. Wow–I stand corrected. Whatever the tech people did tonight to tweak the game was a complete turnaround. No freezing spins, no tech issues, and…I got 4 BIG wheel spin wins (including hitting the upgraded bigger payouts, yay!), as well as hit the jackpot on the reel spins. That has never happened before in the past, and I’m. just. speechless.

    • an addendum: …this WOF is really exasperating… 2nd night in a row of a quick losing streak. I really like this game site, but it leaves me with the alternative of going to that ‘clearing house’ site, forced to sit through those insufferable looped Nicotrol vid commercials, which is enough to make a person want to take up smoking. Don’t make me go there! Please, please fix the WOF, GSN!

  32. i suggest removing anything less than the x100 wedges on the wheel…think the players would be happier with that move. i hit the x75 four times in a row does’nt seem very likely..on another note i did hit 5 jackpot symbols in a row with a decent bet got 20,000 tokens : )

  33. just played the new WOF and i must say this game is a rip off keeps spinning and takes your tokens get rid of it or fix it once and for all we spend hard earn money for tokens to play not just to loose them in a matter of 10 min playing i wont spend real money till its fix and the odds for the members improve

  34. I’ve noticed that the some of the people who are having problems are using IE or Chrome. I’ve been using Firefox as my browser and other than the last two wheels spinning a bit longer than the first three, the game has worked fine for me.

    Good luck everyone

  35. just add a “take all my tokens now” button..animated banners are terrible..i have very fast computer (overclocked) very fast internet a very fast video card..but every time the multiplier wheel comes up it drags and goes out of its way to try to hit the x50 ..6 times in a row the other day..but when i return to the slots it runs just fine fast like it should…and the bonus spins are a joke 5 spins and win like 800 tokens..i hit better than that on 1 regular spin..yes i have the latest flash too..i am a computer tech so i am competent with a pc..and i know you can’t always win but i could do better on a real slot machine…not big on most of the other games…the bingo is not very nice either..i get all kinds of 1 away from a bingo..always 1 number short..and has anyone ever gotten even close to 75,000 tokens for the daily wheel spin? best i have ever gotten is 4,000 tokens…and why did the 200 oodle scratchers go away?
    they were my favorite.

  36. gsn should be ashamed of themselves. when you first sign up the games hit like crazy.especially WOF slots. but after that you can forget it. the bonus wheel is a joke. the 1000x, 500x you will NEVER hit. count on hitting the 50x, and 75x like 99.8% of the time. you would think that gsn would realize that if the player “feels” like they are winning the player will spend more money which is what gsn wants. but like most people that post on here, we feel like we are getting “robbed” by the terrible bonus plays, very low pay-outs, and the overall feeling of not a chance to at least break even. I hope a lot of people read this, I am not whining about losing. I accept losing, but when I feel like this is a rigged sham, and I read other peoples comments, which basically say the same thing I will call gsn out on it. go ahead gsn, question me, go back and look at the money I have put in buying tokens, along with my playing statistics on the wheel of fortune and I challenge you to prove me wrong. players are correct, the new game does not pay out like the old game. I love the site, and the games but question ethics.

  37. When the NEW WOF SLOTS game started/promo it really paid nice and got into bonus and the wheel bonus actually hit some of the larger $$ amounts (at least once in a while). Now that I like it and have everything unlocked… and you’ve hooked us in, it doesn’t pay anything and bonus don’t hit very often, and when they do, they don’t pay!!! Bought tokens twice with in a couple of hours and this game took all of them fast. Now that everything is unlocked, the game skips and pauses and plays like it is set-up to not hit anything. I hate when the new games pay and then stop in a couple of weeks…. what is up with that?

  38. the WOF game is a rip off GSN want players to spend money to play there games thats cool but let us win once in awhile to build our account as for now that wont happen cause all the game does is take when all the things are unlocked and what the sense of having the bonus wedges it never lands on them it always lands on 50/75/100/ and maybe 200 i say GSN you want to keep players then make the odds better for the players

    • I could’nt agree more with you!! After SEVERAL SPINS ( more than 100)……NO WEDGES OVER 150, NO onlock prizes, small payouts when you do get three in a row and very few chances for free spins. Come on GSN you have great customers. What is going on? We are not poor losers but fair is fair. I also notice on most of the other casino games as well that the odds are terrible and you land on almost no extras….esp in Tikki Island slots, and not to mention the new Video Bingo deluxe (rarely get 2 bingos and yet you are close so clearly GSN wants us to buy more chances). I personally am very close to closing my account. I’m serious!!!!!!!!

      • Charlene, I’m sorry about your frustration with the game. I’ve forwarded your post, as well as the ones from everyone else, to the game team so they can review them on Monday.

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