Known Issue with Deuces Wild Promotion

Morning Everyone!

I wanted to let all of you know that we are aware of the issues that arose from the Deuces Wild promotion that has been running on GSN since Saturday. The Site Engineers are currently investigating why participating players have yet to receive the Tokens and Oodles for completing the offer. Rest assured that participating users will receive proper credit for their completion of the offer once the cause(s) of this problem have been remedied. Thanks everyone for their patience while this issue is being looked into!

53 thoughts on “Known Issue with Deuces Wild Promotion

  1. Does this mean that we players will receive 5,000 Tokens and 250 Oodles for each of the Three days that we completed the 15 games?? That is the way that I understood the details!!! However we would not be credited until the end of the promotion. Then there seems to be some players whom received immediate credit, How can that be????

    • This issue is still being investigated – resolution should be provided shortly. An email communication will be sent out to all users affected once the resolution has been implemented on the site. The promotional offer was running for 3 days giving players the chance to earn up to 15,000 Tokens and 750 Oodles if they played the required Deuces Wild games for all 3 days.

      • I am inquring regarding the Deuces Wild game. My Understanding is that you could win up to 15,000 Tokens and 750 Oodles. It did not state that you must play all 3 days. I played on the 1st of August which means that I would be entitled to 5000 tokens and 250 oodles. If I am correct then my account as of the 6th has not been credited.


  3. As a heads up, I played the Deuces Wild promo at 3:35 PM EDT on Monday. I did receive the 250 oodles and 5,000 for today.

  4. I got the promotional tokens and oodles for today (Monday) but have not yet received them from playing deuces wild on the beginning days of Saturday and Sunday. Hope they can get this corrected soon.

  5. Thank you for your reply. Received my Tokens and Oodles for the first Day, but not the other two days, will contact player services.

  6. Never received my tokens for this Promotion, played all 3 days and absolutely nothing!!! It is 7:26 PM have checked and still nothing!

  7. Thank you for looking into the issues with awarding the tokens & Oodles for this promo. I just figured we’d get all our tokens and Oodles at the end of the promo, so I wasn’t aware there was any problem until I saw this post. Thanks!! Now that’s been taken care of… Hope everyone has a good week!!

  8. I did receive 5,000 tokens and 250 oodles.I’m still checking for the other 10,000 tokens and 500 oodles. Thank-you!

  9. Great to know you all are aware and taking care of the problem with the Deuces Wild Promotion. I did notice I got credit for one days worth earlier this evening, and will be optimistic and patient that the other two days worth will eventually show up too. I’ve never had a problem with any of it before. 🙂

  10. i hit 200 time on wheel of fortune and it only paid me 100 times and when i hit 500 time it paid me 200 time and and last i hit 100 time on the wheel spid it only paid half again then i got he new update and lost everything the new wheel of fortune is not near as good as the old one.

  11. I did the 3 days and wondered where the tokens were, especially since it said congrats! lol Then I thought maybe after will show up. Good to see this post/news and will wait for the credits to show.

  12. I played all three days and have received 5000 for 1 day , but still waiting to get the 10000 tokens for the last two days , just wanted the site to be aware still has not been resolved,yet

  13. I didn’t receive any tokens or oodles for the 3 days of playing deuces wild either, Plus I didn’t receive 5000 bonus tokens for answering where I received GSN. Waiting for my Tokens as I love playing on this site. Very nice Site. Thank you..

  14. Hi I played all 3 days of Deuces wild.when will I get credit it showed on my promo page everyday I completed the 3 days. said I completed 3 times.thank you

  15. I just want to advise I have received the tokens and oodles for the Deuce’s Wild promo this last weekend. When one checks their oodle balance, it is listed as such…

    Description Increase
    Deuces Wild – 5,000 Tokens and 250 Oodles – 250

    Many thanks to GSN for taking care of this.

  16. Thanks for the e-mail saying you had given me the 15,000 tokens I won for playing 2’s , unfortunately I simply do not see them. MAYBE 5000, BUT CANNOT BE SURE OF THAT. Can you give me dates added, please.

  17. I have always COMPLETED ALL promotions on GSN Casino app and recently on as long as it is not involving anykind of tourament play or cash play! Now I DO NOT know if I received ANY of them because I was unaware that you have to check and make sure if you received the “Tokens You Earned” and were PROMISED! Sad times at GSN guys! Just how deep do the losses go??

  18. I played all 3 days from 8/3/13 to 8/5/13 15 games a day deuces wild never received my 5,000 tokens or 250 oodles please help me collect I got an e-mail that said you had a tech problem how much longer do I have to wait

  19. Promotions Deuces Wild 3 days 8/3 to 8/5 I have not received my tokens or oodles please reply I got an e-mail that you were having problems

  20. I was enjoying playing all the games at the GSN casino. My tokens had built up to right at 2 million, early last week I picked up the game when drinking my morning coffee. I looked up to check the tokens I had earned an they were gone,they just disappeared. I was pissed. I am over it, but it still sucks.

    • Hi, your account is not showing it ever had 2 million Tokens. I wonder if you inadvertently have two accounts? Please contact Player Services for assistance, they can help you sort this out. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

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