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  1. just wanted to say I LOVE Player News section…everything (good & not so good (New WOF slot) I need to know is now in one place. I just click on the tab and bam!!! you’re there. For me, a disorganized person…I love the organized Player News section. Thanks Angel!!!

  2. Oh, forgot to mention…the best thing about players news section is I don’t have to spend time scrolling searching for the secret word. Just one click and there it is. I know….it’s the little things that count…

  3. when are they going to get the wheel of fortune slot game re vamped? I still cannot get the wheel to stop spinning when i am playing. i made the same comment last week and never received an answer yet. a reply would be appreciated since this was one of my favoreite games and i cannot play it now.

    • Please contact Player Services to get proper support. You can do so by clicking on Help Center under “Contact Support” on this page, or by clicking on GSN Help on the main http://www.gsn.com page, and then clicking Contact Player Services. Be sure you are logged in to your user name, otherwise you’ll only see the FAQs and not the Contact Player Services link.

  4. Is anyone having problems with the Time Slots game, specifically that the gems are not saved anymore and once you move into a different era and cash out then return to play again you end up back in the same era you started in. Also it took just over an hour to collect enough gems to move on then once I logged out and back in I was right back where I started. HELP! I have already heard back from Players Services and their response was that they cant do anything to fix this ….Ok then now what? Anyone can help……..please.

    • Charlene, I’m told to ask if you have cookie saving turned off in your browser? Or do you clear them regularly? The gems and time period won’t be retained if you’re not allowing cookies. Also, if you change browsers back and forth, you won’t see the same progress on each one.

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