Friendship Week Oodlectible

Pick up our Friendship Week Oodlectible and honor all your wonderful friends – the one who makes you laugh, the one who gives great advice and especially the one who helps lug furniture when you move. Click here and get it now for just 75 Oodles! Available until August10th.


6 thoughts on “Friendship Week Oodlectible

  1. A ‘Friendship’ oodle! What a great idea! Love it! And just got it! Now that I have accumulated a few oddles, I decided this morning that it was time I go Oodlectible shopping! But, much to my dismay, I discovered the ‘hammock’ oodlectible is no longer available! 🙁 Could you tell me if you will you be bringing this one back? If not… my loss! But now that I know that some of the Oodlectibles are ‘limited time’ only, if another one comes along that I really like, I’ll be grabbing it up in a flash!

    • I have never bought an oodlectible but I really like the meaning and looks of this one. (National Friendship Week-BFF) I wondered if you could buy one for other GSN members or just your collection? I am finding you need to be quick on some of the oodlectibles they go quick. Others are pretty expensive. This one was a great buy it now price, meaningful and great design..

  2. Like “sdnels” I would like to buy this Friendship Oodlectable for other GSN members. It would be fun to give them as gifts to other gamers.
    This Oodlectable is really pretty. I love collecting Oodlectables and look forward to each one that comes out. I didn’t know until now that some of them were only available for a very short time. I joined just a couple of months ago and wondered when I got my first few why there were others that were mentioned in announcements but weren’t available in the “Prizes” section. Now I know it’s because they weren’t for sale anymore. Tough luck for me.
    Good luck everyone! Becky

    • Rebecca,
      Some Oodlectables are only there for a day such as the 4th of July,and others might be there a week but no longer. There are 3 or 4 that stay in the prize section. My point is when you see them, buy them quick (if you like them).GSN awards you oodles for having the right oodlectable from time to time.

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