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87 thoughts on “Welcome!

      • Hi Kathy, glad you like it! There is no ETA on a new message board yet. We are working on it, and will update everyone when we know more. 🙂

          • Hi plaskey, it wasn’t working and was causing technical issues on our end we were unable to resolve. It had to come down.

    • love the cha chingo bingo. cant get enough deal or no deal slots. i would like to suggest more buy it now items to spend my tokens.

      • We do need more buy now items to use our tokens on. However, when I get on the Deal or no Deal slots I tend to keep going until I’m out of coins. The Chachingo Bingo is great, I play it first thing after I log in and continue to play all day. Never win much but 500 tokens and 50 Oodles is something.

      • I agree with Jeff!!! There should be more “buy it now” items in the prize center, not only with “tokens” but also with our “oodles!” I have accumulated a lot of each with only playing for just over a month now and want to win prizes, but seems i never win any sweepstakes and though i participated in an auction only once, i didn’t win that either!!! The “oodlelecables” are fun to have in my Collection, but i like to have something to physically work towards, while having fun playing GSN games! lol! I’ll still play no matter what but great thought/idea brought up by Jeff to have more BUY IT NOW with our Tokens or Oodles! Thanks!!! 🙂

    • Hi ginnyway, you still answer the Secret Word in Bonus Trivia under To-Doodles every Monday through Friday.

      Every day at 3pm ET we will list the day’s Secret Word on the right hand side of the Announcements page, so if you miss it on TV you can find it there. Yesterday’s word “Style” is what’s showing now.

      Please note the schedule for Secret Word changed this week from 3pm ET to 7pm ET, so that’s when it will be listed today and tomorrow.

        • Every day at 3pm ET we will list the day’s Secret Word on the right hand side of the Announcements page, so if you miss it on TV you can find it there. Yesterday’s word “Style” is what’s showing now.

          Please note the schedule for Secret Word changed this week from 3pm ET to 7pm ET, so that’s when it will be listed today and tomorrow.

  1. Please fix the crazy blasting star in video bingo deluxe, it stays bursting as balls keep dropping and you cant see to dab the balls..Thanx

    • Hi, You don’t get Oodles immediately when you place on the Leaderboard, they pay out shortly after Midnight ET each day. As the day goes on, your rank will change. Sometimes people will beat you and place higher driving you down, and sometimes you’ll beat others! The end of the day (right before Midnight ET) rankings determine the payouts.

      • I have absolutely made the leaderboard on MD as well as a couple of others right now and am not getting the oodles credit. When I first made this post, I checked on MD and when I looked for weekly high scorers, I was listed for this specific day. I made it again yesterday and still no oodles! Just bummed out! Have a great day and this will not stop me from playing games on this site, I love it

          • What Pam said about Mahjongg Dimensions leaderboard not paying out the oodles is the same thing for me. I think you’ve made some recent changes & it made something go wrong in this category.

  2. Hi Is there a maximum you can win on video deluxe bingo? I won a mega bingo then it would not let me dab another bingo on a different card. PS I love this new players news!!!!!!!

    • Hi mom1232305, we don’t provide answers to the Daily Trivia, only Secret Word. I’ve seen people post answers on the GSN Games Facebook page, and I personally think using Bing or Google is very helpful too. 🙂

      • I usually “Google” questions I don’t know answers to, but sometimes you have to do a little searching… Which I don’t mind as its FREE OODLES! Also like mentioned above Wikipedia is great for answers to daily question as well as bonus questions, which are updated throughout the day. So visit often and the question changes as day goes on! Hope this helps! 🙂 Also thank you GSNangel for ALL you do. I wassadly introduced to the previous chat “win oodles for this or that” forum/message boards only two weeks before the change to this, but olive GSN GAMES & APPRECIATE ALL THE HARD WORK YOU DO AS WELL AS GSN GAME TEAM AND TECH SUPPORT! Keep up the awesome work! I’m a GSN-ER FOR LIFE NOW! Lol! So much, my fiance sees me go on site and makes a face and a sigh cause he knows I’ll be on for hours! Hehe! Thanks again! 😉

        PS. Questions as this is my first time responding to a post, where it says name, do you put in your real first and last name or do you put in your gen username? I’ve looked and seen both under other’s posts. This time, i put in my gsn username, as ive seen others do, but hoping it still shows up. If not, please update and post if u put in real name or gsn username. Thanks!

    • Hi jumper10101, the new WOF game is in a testing phase so only about 10% of players have it (and it can come and go!). We’ll be rolling it out soon to everyone though, so keep an eye out for it.

  3. time to get rid of the Deal or No Deal game all that game does is take and take and very little wins what a shame we spend hard earn money all for a game to take it back in 5 mins

    • Totally agree….it takes and takes, pays on small bets, then when you raise the bet it takes it all back and then some…very disappointed with with the Deal or No Deal game 🙁 🙁

  4. Why is it on Sundays that there are very little winners on the scratch off tickets? I lost over 6,000 oodles today with the scratch off tickets. Another Sunday 2 years ago I lost 11,000 oodles in one afternoon. However during the rest of the week there are more winning scratch offs.

    • Hi Joseph_ok, numerous factors can go into picking one, such as how much one plays on the site, or how someone interacts on the message board, Facebook or Twitter. But mostly we look for members who have a positive outlook, and who would be a good Oodles ambassador for GSN.

      We recently sponsored a message board game a couple weeks ago where we asked for suggestions for MVOs. You can view the archived thread here. If you know someone who would make a good MVO (including yourself!), feel free to drop me an email and tell me about them! You can find a link to my email address on the right hand side of the page under “Talk to GSN Angel”

      • About becoming an MVO? I don’t use Facebook or Twitter. That just isn’t me. Trying to be less grumpy on the forum, and more helpful. Every single Oodle collected is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. My attendance at GSN is nearly perfect for 2013. So far … $80 in donations to BCRF. JCM722 would like to be considered for MVO please.

  5. Saturday i lost over 45,000 oodles on the Sweepstakes . But there was NO winner for that day . Boy a person has to play a lot just get oodles or the real thing . It must be nice to win a lot of money . I don’t win NOTHING

    • If look under the winners tab, you will see the list of winners for auctions and sweepstakes. I see several winners for sweepstakes on the 27th.

  6. I played 1250 in oodles scratch off ticket around 330am and didn’t get a scratch off!!! What was the purpose of losing my oodles when I didn’t even get to scratch off the ticket?

    • same happened to me on chrome and internet explorer i sent tickets already. 1st scratch off i bought worked but 2nd two did’nt show up. so you were not alone

    • posted earlier that i did not get my scratch offs. sent tickets to support but after relogging my scratch off tickets were there so i closed my open support tickets thank you.

  7. Still getting use to different site,like it so far,but my DA tried to click on “Secret Word” because I didn’t realize it was already showing. Did I ever feel dumb.

  8. Hi Angel: Maybe you’ve told us this already and I missed it , if so I apologize. I was just wondering and if the weekend forum games for oodles will resume. I know it hasn’t been that long but I really miss them. I didn’t realize just how much I enjoyed interacting with everyone. Thanks

    • Hi Michele, sponsored games such as Go RVing Mahjongg Dimensions have a start and end date. The good news is they usually come back with a new sponsor, so keep an eye out!

    • JOKE, You are not looking at this right,, Because you are not home bound, these games keeps me busy. Because I enjoy play games.

  9. You guys have already picked your winners for the sweepstakes , and who ever gets the most tokens & oodles . I don’t get to play like other people do because we don’t have cable or satellite internet . We have dial up and i can’t play any of the games . I just do the trivia questions & bingo . I wish i could win on the bingo then maybe we could get satellite internet . but we have bills to pay and food to get . to me i’ll just do what i have been doing and i won’t be trying the sweepstakes or any thing until things change .

    • Have you at least tried playing the wheel of wonder games? You get a spin for signing on each day. Even if the game was super laggy you probably would at least get some oodles out of it. I’d say make sure your flash is up to date, but I’d imagine downloading anything is a pain. It might help some though. Plus don’t forget the daily break. 75 oodles for doing that too.

  10. win or lose ” I ENJOY PLAYING” I’am home bound do to sickness. I would like to win I could pay a lot of Medical Bills.

  11. i like gsn i like all the game some of the game are new and some are being work. i like the bingo game you play every hour. it is fun.i like the new wheel of forune that a good game i like all the game that gsn got gsn dose a great job and i thank you for doing a good job.. back in april 14 1984 a three bedroom house trailer fell on my back we was underneath the house set up the block we set to manny block under nearth the trailer it gave away and fell on my back. i was undernealth the housetrailer for 16-18 hour before they got it off of me i could not move none because feet did not have no feel in them no feel in my body.but God did great work i went to the best hosiptal and when to sherped hosiptal that was a good hosiptal. i had a great bless when i got to come home. i have not work since house trailer fell on my back. i am disable to work i have been play the game on gsn all the time all have some good game. i live in griffin ga i am single and i am bless thank you Jesus. thank all for have good game on the computer thank you so much, fred cochran

  12. I played deuce wild twice and I have not received my oodles I was suppose to get for playing 15 games. I played the 15 games for 2 days I should have 500 oodles but nothing yet. where are they.

    • I’ve played all 3 times and just this evening noticed credit for one set of 250 so hopefully the other 500 will be added still after while. Maybe they are just getting them added as the days are ending to earn them. Imagine all the thousands of people they have to add them too, not just once but up to times 3!

  13. Hi Angel. I have noticed that my progress of collected gems is no longer saved in the Time Slots games. I feel like I am stuck on the same game forever.

    • I am repeating my original msg to you Angel since I have not had a reply…when playing Time Slots I have noticed that my progress is no longer saved for gems.. I am forever stuck on the same tome slot game. Now, once I did collect all the gems and finally moved on to the next one, the next day when I went back to play Time Slots I was back where I started in the Eighties games…again!

  14. Hello,
    Just letting fellow casino players know that if you choose to purchase wild balls in video deluxe bingo, I have just been made aware by Players Services, that there is “no guarantee” you will get any wild balls. The little box describes it as “up to”, three however Players Services just e-mailed me that there is no guarantee to get any, at all!!!! That is misleading to us as customers who sometimes purchase extra chances. Shame on you GSN for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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