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      • I love Daily Break, but I can not ever finish a game as my screen will not go to the end. Is there someway that this issue can be looked into?
        I was happy as today is my Birthday and to see this site player news is new to my board. It is something that has been needed for sometime.
        There is also a problem with Solitaire Rush and there is too much electricity in moving the cards. The same with Swap it the squares when touched do not move to the other square without actually clicking on each square. Thank You

  1. Thank you so much for finally making this suggestion a reality! No more missing this, now. :)

    My next suggestion would be to remove those “One Time” offers (i.e. “Confirm E-mail” and “Update Your Profile”). Once these offers are completed, there’s no reason to keep seeing them. They should be available to new members and then removed after the oodles have been credited (and removed for the rest of us who have already done so). Thanks for all you do for us! Happy oodling!

  2. How come I never ever get oodles for completing the Daily Break. Whats up with that. They say they will “TRY” to credit in 48 hours but I checked, NOPE, It don’t freaking working work so don’t waste your time!

  3. Thank you for assisting in getting the Daily Break button on the My GSN page. It is humbly appreciated. However, there still is one issue on this going on with me. After the completion of the Daily Break game, I still do not see the check mark on the button indicating the completion of the game. It is happening on both IE and Chrome. Yep, I have already contact Player Services on this issue.

    • I’ve noticed this, too, and I use Chrome. None of the other “buttons” have an issue with providing the grayed-out button with a check-mark, just the DB one. I assumed that it was programmed the same way the “Wonder Wheel” button is in that it never receives a check-mark . . . then again, I continuously save 60 spins so it shouldn’t give a check-mark to me anyway.

      If, however, the Daily Break button is suppose to receive a check-mark, here is my observation for a error. Thanks, regardless if the check-mark will work . . . I’m just glad it’s available on the “My To-doodles” page! :-)

  4. hi angel, I just wanted to tell you that i love daily break. it is fun and you can learn new things. the only problem that I am having is that the questions with music won’t play.my husband and I answer the questions together before he starts work each day.

  5. Hi, I heard back on why the button doesn’t get a check mark. The Daily Break is a third party game not tied in to our system. We don’t know on our end when people have completed it for the day. They send us a list of the winners we credited manually each morning. If it ever becomes automated, we might be able to add that functionality in the future.

    • I figured it was something like that and completely understand. I simply wanted to suggest that as an improvement and look forward to the day it becomes a reality. Until then, I’m just glad we have the button! Thanks for finding that out for us. :-)

  6. Angel:

    I am having what appears to have been the exact same problem as greatgramme
    above! I have reported this problem over and over and it is still happeningh! When I click on the Daily Break game it takes me to the initial screen, then when I click in to play it will not fully load the screen – a screen appears, but there is nothing to click to proceed! It initially happened now and then, allowing me to finish MOST games, now it will rarely let me do ANY day!!! I have sent print screen shot after print screen shot and all I get back is the following:

    Check to see if your setup meets/exceeds the minimum system requirements (Windows/MAC) ………………it does!!!!
    Update Java – click here to find out which version of Java you have installed on your computer and to see if an update is available …….it is up to date every time I check it!!!
    Update Adobe Flash Player – click here to find out which version of Adobe Flash you have installed on your computer and follow the link to thePlayer Download Center to upgrade to the most recent version ………….I have the most recent version, which I also check each time to be sure!!!
    Make sure your computer (or any other device using the same internet signal) is not performing any “bandwidth-hungry” operations (such as downloading large files, streaming videos, etc) ……….no new operations since before this problem started!!!!
    Make sure your wireless connection is not being shared by other computers at the time of your play as this may restrict the communications from your computer to the WorldWinner servers ………..comp is hardwired!!!!

    Please help as I am getting nowhere with GSN “help”!!

    • I’m sorry, I don’t really have any different suggestions than what Player Services offered you. You could try using a different browser, not sure which you’re using, but sometimes that helps.

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