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  1. why is it that I keep geeting a notice that I have won groop loot , However I do not get credit for it ???. I am sick and tired of seeing the pop up if I am not going to be credited. Do something.!!!! I am sure that I am not the only one that feels this way. And by the way I have been on the same site for the whole hour and still not recieved credit. this last hour , one example.

    • Hi Nan, I’m seeing you were credited today: 7/27/2013 8:07 am GSN ChaChingo Bingo Group Loot 50 (Oodles)

      Looking back over the last week you were also credited seven times on the 26th, once on the 25th, two times on the 24th, five times on the 23rd, and seven times on the 22nd.

      To check your own Oodles transactions, click on My GSN, and then click on the My Oodles safe at the top of the page. There you can see your recent transactions, or click the blue link that says “Review Full Transaction History” to find different dates.

    • I’ve found that the Group Loot pop-up box (the orange pop-up) is sometimes delayed, so even though it pops up at a certain time, it could be from an earlier group loot. I don’t pay much attention to the pop-up box anymore because of the possible delays. I’m just happy anytime I check my Oodles and see I won a Group Loot. Although it would be even nicer to win the Jackpot! :)

  2. Thank you for posting my comment. It still didn’t answer my question. I have read the rules and regulations and feel that I understand them. I know that I have received quite a few Groop Loots, that is because I keep my computer on the cha chingo site or I am playing on another site. However I have missed many, that I felt should have been awarded. such as the one this morning from the 9:00 am winning that should have been awarded at the 10:06 am. I understand that you only award one (1) Groop Loot to a Player at :06 after the hour no mater how many people have won., Because I have seen three (3) pop up at the same time on my screen before. My point IS ,”DO NOT FLASH A WINNING GROUP LOOT ON THE SCREEN AND NOT AWARD IT!!!!!!”. This is not the first time this has happened. Every since I have been playing Cha Chinga, I have noticed this happining. I noticed on facebook that someone else had mentioned it also. I love this new site that GSN has displayed for the players. It is much easier to navigate than the other one. Thank You.

  3. The pop ups are sometimes delayed. Although it may show up for example at 2pm, you could have gotten the oodles/tokens back at 6am back when you did the requirements to get the group loot. The players who say they didn’t get their group loot are players who think if the pop up shows at 2pm the oodles should be added at 2pm. Hope that clarifies it a little.

  4. I live in a state (Montana) that doesn’t allow online gambling so my question is: In the event I win the ChaChingo Bingo jackpot, will I get the jackpot or not? Love the Oodles I get whenever I win at Groop Loot and I don’t care how long it takes to get credited to my account just as long as I get my Oodles. Love the new site, much easier to get around, good job.

  5. Whats up with the pop-up ad in Cha-Chingo that forces you to click an X before you can lock your numbers? I hear that if you have a good pop-up blocker you can’t “lock” your numbers in at all. I am taking notes on the advertisers that run those ads and refuse to buy anything from them. This game used to be popular among my gsn friends but now most have boycotted it completely. A pop-up is one thing, but when you have to manually click it away is another! Cha-Chingo cha-gonzo!

  6. i play cha chingo bingo and every time i wantto lock in my numbers a commerciel comes on and covers mygame and i canot get riid of it so i cant finish the game.i miss playing the game very much.

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