Play Wild Savanna Slots for 200 Oodles and 10,000 Tokens

Shhh! There’s something lurking amongst the African brush. A terrifyingly HUGE jackpot is waiting to pounce in our NEW game Wild Savanna Slots.

Score 200 Oodles and 10,000 Tokens when you spin 50 times! Repeat once per day until midnight ET Tuesday 2/3.

Start your hunt now – this bonus won’t last long. Details on My GSN


Pick the Big Game Winner and Score 25,000 Tokens & 2,500 Oodles!

Put your Oodles where your mouth is and back your favorite team today! Predict the winner in upcoming big game before 6PM ET Sunday 2/1  to score 25,000 Tokens and 2,500 Oodles.

Click on who you think will win: New England  VS. Seattle


*Tokens & Oodles are awarded within two business days after the end of each event. Check back here for updates.
**Only one pick per game per player. No Oodle refunds for multiple picks!
*** Do not pick both New England and Seattle if you want a chance to win Tokens and Oodles.