Boogie on Down for 200 Oodles and 400,000 Tokens

Keep this party goin’ all weekend, because Jackpot Boogie Slots has Oodles and Tokens to give you every day!

  • Spin 100 times to take home 200 Oodles per day.
  • Pocket 10,000 Tokens INSTANTLY when you wager 500,000. Repeat up to 40 times a day.

Play now, and shake, shake, shake your way to a jackpot. Details on My GSN. Ends Sunday, 5/24


Tutorial – Video Bingo Deluxe: Once Upon a Daub

Daub happily ever after in the all-NEW Video Bingo: Once Upon a Daub! Click here to play.

This is the progression, and how many Tokens for each milestone. Please note these awards are bundled in with any other wins you get in your Token transactions. For example, instead of seeing 1,000 you may see 1,200 or 1,900 depending on what else you won playing that round:

Path Route  Token Reward
Start No Tokens
The Pond 1,000 Tokens
The Bridge 2,000 Tokens
Grandmother’s House 5,000 Tokens
Geppetto’s Workshop 10,000 Tokens
The Gingerbread House 25,000 Tokens
The Beanstalk 50,000 Tokens
Rapunzel’s Tower 100,000 Tokens
The Pumpkin Carriage 200,000 Tokens
Prince Charming’s Castle 1,000,000 Tokens

Three Ways to Win in the Solitaire Rush Weekly Prize Spree

Stack For Cash or Rewards Points with Solitaire Rush!


3 ways to win this week with Solitaire Rush

  • 1st place:  $250
  • 1,000th place: $250
  • 1 sweepstakes winner: $500.

PLUS spots 2 – 999 on the leaderboard will take home a share of over 100,000 Rewards Points! Use your Rewards Points in the Cash Games Rewards Store. Click here to enter. Ends Sunday, 5/24.

Win 5,000 Tokens in the New Trivia Champion Oodlectible Game!

Answer the trivia question by picking the corresponding Trivia Champion Oodlectible. Win 5,000 Tokens with the correct choice!

Question: Which is the only U.S. state to produce coffee?

A: Hawaii. Click here to answer A.
B: Missouri. Click here to answer B.

Do NOT pick both A and B if you want to win Tokens! They cancel each other out. Also, more than one of the same letter will not earn extra Tokens, so don’t redeem the same Oodlectible multiple times. Ends 5/25. Tokens will be awarded on 5/26.