Reminder: Enter Dracula’s Facebook Costume Contest For a Chance To Score Prizes or Oodles

Velcome to Dracula’s Facebook Costume Contest! Share your spooktacular Halloween-themed photo with us on Facebook. To claim a stake of de prize pool, you need include an Oodle. You can either print this one, or draw your own. To print, click on the picture to pop it out larger, then right click and choose “print.”

Note: If you’re not able to print, please feel free to draw or make your own, but we NEED an Oodle image in your photo to be considered for a prize. Oodles photoshopped into a picture will not qualify.



Please also post your GSN user name when you post a picture, so if you win, we have a way to contact you or credit you Oodles. Facebook does not allow us to message fans from pages and I’d hate to see anyone miss out!

  • First place vill score a $100 e-gift card for Sweet Factory. Enough to cure your sweet fang!
  • 3 more vinners vill score a $50 e-gift card for Sweet Factory.
  • 10 more vinners vill split a share of de 50,000 Oodle pot.

Enter now. Life is eternal, but de costume contest ends on Halloween! Winners will be announced by Wednesday, November 5th. 

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Get Extra Tokens and Oodles in Video Bingo Deluxe: Monster Mansion

Sure, our NEW game Video Bingo Deluxe: Monster Mansion is spooky. But the thought of missing out on 500,000 Tokens and 100 Oodles every day this week? Horrifying!

  • Pocket 100 Oodles when you play 10 rounds each day through Sunday.
  • Score 25,000 EXTRA Tokens when you play 1 million Tokens. Repeat up to 20 times a day Sunday.

Get in on the action and collect your rewards before this deal vanishes on 10/19. Details on My GSN